2017 Data Review: 8 Cheapest MTN Data Subscription To Go For

No one loves unnecessary expenditures. This is why you need to compare and contrast before paying for the next data. They can be used anywhere, and on any device, but some are more expensive than others.Data plans outlined in this post could cut down the amount of money you used to spend on internet subscription by up to 50%.

We have made critical analysis but the findings are the same.

I have used up to 350MB for ₦1,300 or even the beefy 2015MB for ₦2,015, now you can have almost 2GB for just a thousand naira!

Or may be I’m not right

Do you know you can even get 500MB for just ₦25?

So this is why you must read this post with a thankful heart.

The Data plans mentioned here can be used on any device. So whether you are browsing with an Android smartphone, a PSP console, a laptop (through your modem), an IOS (Apple) device, these plans will work effortlessly for you.

Here are the best options for you this year:

Best MTN Data Plans in Nigeria 2017

Note: these are not the only data plans provided by the provider; I only shared the plans already used and confirmed nice, by others.

If you really want to see all (I mean all) of their internet subscriptions, dial *123# on your device or visit their online store.

Daily Plans

I consider plans under this category quickies. They are plans you subscribe to just to get things done immediately and move on.

  1. 30MB For ₦100

Much like Airtel, Glo, and Etisalat, you can get 30MB of Internet data allocated to you for just a ₦100. This is 3 times better than what we used to get (i.e. 10MB for ₦100). The plan is valid for only 24 hours.

To opt-in to this plan,

Dial *104#


Text “104” to 131
  1. 100MB For ₦200

For the first time ever, MTN has the best data plan among Internet service providers in Nigeria for a specific price point. For just ₦200, you can get 100MB to do anything you wish on the internet. This plan like the former is valid for just 24 hours.

To subscribe,

Dial *113#


Text “113” to 131

Weekly Plans

Although only one data plan is present in this category, it is way better than what you used to get before.

  1. 750MB for ₦500

Valid for 7 days, MTN offers you 750MB provided you are willing to pay ₦500.

Is it worth it?

Hell ya, if you ask me. Compare that to what you’d normally get before and tell me tides did not change. 🙂

To get this plan,

Dial *103#


Text “103” to 131

Monthly Plans

This is the category I consider the most important. Nothing much to introduce here, just look at the plans.

  1. 1.5GB for ₦1,000


This is unlike MTN, and believe me, the plan rocks. The charges are sincere and it has really helped many night workers arrive save on the internet.To opt-in,

Dial *106#


Text “106” to 131
  1. 3.5GB for ₦2,000

If the data allocated to the former plan will be too small to handle your data needs for a full month, a better option would be to lock into this one.

At ₦2,000 you can get over double the amount of data you would normally get for the ₦1,000 plan but it still is valid for only 30 days

To subscribe to this plan,

Dial *110#


Text “110” to 131
  1. 10GB for ₦5,000

3.5GB won’t serve you for a month? This one will do then.

Particularly useful to internet power users, the 10GB MTN data plan gives you unparalleled access to the cyberspace for a full month.

At ₦5,000, the price might look scary to most, it actually is a soft spot for folks who use the internet for business on a small scale (Although Glo has a better data plan at that price).

To get this plan,

Dial *116#


Text “116” to 131

Plan 7 is not for everyone, you could as well skip it.

  1. 22GB for 10,000

Sounds hilarious to most that someone would pay a whopping ₦10,000 to get access to the internet, but “power internet power users” will find it reasonable. 🙂

Pay MTN ₦10k and get 22GB for you online pursuits for a month.

To get this,

Dial *117#


Text “117” to 131.

MTN Night Plan

Remember I said you could get up to 500MB for just ₦25 while introducing this post

Well, this is the MTN Data plan that gives you the power to do that legitimately.

It’s a bit tricky though as you’d have to be on MTN Pulse to be able to use this plan.

If you don’t mind leaving your present tariff plan, migrating to MTN pulse is a breeze. Just dial *406#, you are in!

The night plan can only be utilized between the hours of 12:00am and 4:00am and is valid for only one night.

Also, if you exhaust the 500MB allocated to you before the night is over, you cannot subscribe to the plan again for that night. In essence, it’s one plan per night.

To opt in simply have above ₦25 on your MTN Pulse line, and text “Night” to 131.

To be clear,

Text “Night” to 131

Top MTN Data Plans in Nigeria

In summary,

Plan Validity Opt-in Code
MTN Daily Data Bundles
30MB @ ₦100 24 Hours Dial *104#
100MB @ ₦200 24 Hours Dial *113#
MTN Weekly Data Bundles
750MB @ ₦500 7 Days Dial *103#
MTN Monthly Data Bundles
1.5GB @ ₦1,000 1 Month Dial *106#
3.5GB @ ₦2,000 1 Month Dial *110#
10GB @ ₦5,000 1 Month Dial *116#
22GB @ ₦10,000 1 Month Dial *117#
MTN Night Plan
500MB @ ₦25 One Night Text “Night” to 131

How to Check Your Data Balance on MTN

Ah, this one is simple, simply text “status” to 131. OR Dial *131*4#

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