3 Amazing Ways to promote your Business online through Blogging

3 Amazing Ways to promote your Business online through Blogging

We have many good uses of blogging, but blogs are primarily meant to help businesses grow.

It is a wider means of reaching out to larger audience, and with ease.

However, there  are also other things you can achieve with your blog, such as industrial profiling, personal and industrial branding, teaching and documentation, but in terms of business, there are thousand ways you can increase sales by converting audience into buying customers.

And this post poised to highlight the practical approaches to making more sales through blogging.

It doesn’t matter the industry, what every business need is more customer more sale and good amount of ROI.

Perhaps, there is nothing impressive like making much sales without having to chase customers.



With digital marketing through blogging, businessmen don’t need much preaching to get their products and services across to their potential buyers.

Blogging helps businesses in the following ways


  1. Audience Size

Due to the unlimited spaces allotted to blog servers, a traffic-rich blog can bring million potential customers together, unlike the limited domain obtained in social media.

  1. Professionalism

A business with a blog is a symbol of seriousness and always termed more professional by modern consumers. It ignites trust and guarantee seller’s identification.


With a blog,  a seller virtually know the buyer. And there is a modeled channel of communication with the two. Bogs are not as porous as social media.

Blogging has diverse marketing strategies, and do not depend on time.  Contents are dynamic but based on updates.


3 Amazing Ways to promote your Business online through Blogging

There are, of course more great ways to promote businesses on the internet, which we also offer through email marketing, social media branding, paid and paid media etc. but blogging remain a sure way of getting your potential clients glued to be served.


#1. Free Blogging

There are many free blogging platforms utilised by both professional bloggers and newbies.  They can as well be maximised in promoting your business though the Internet.  They are simple and easy enough to use. There are myriad of blogging platforms but there are few popular ones.

You don’t need much technical knowledge to get started.  Although we’ve published a couple of posts that will help you get started, you can also go ahead and sign up for platforms like Google BlogSpot or one amazing platforms like the WordPress.  They are totally free to get started with.


Free blogging platform do not offer free URL or domain names.  For instance www.weusenaira.com is a custom domain name that is paid for. What free blogging platforms offer has the look of www.weusenaira.blogspot.com or www.weisenaira.wprdpress.com.

They are amazing though, but limited to bear the suffixes in their domain names.

You might also want to upgrade by being a domain name and hosting for your free blogging in Google’s BlogSpot with your active Gmail address.  Also, there other cheaper hosting options you might love to consider in WordPress.


#2. Paid Blogging for your Businesses

This is more like the free versions in the bogging option mentioned above.  Both the domain names and hosting plans are paid for. The process for both hosting and domain names ranges in shapes and sizes, depending on the speed and hosting options.

A typical example is www.weusenaira.com, with both custom and portable hosting plans.

It’s an ideal platform to take your businesses to greater heights.

#3. Consider Bloggers

Products and services in the hand of a professional blogger thrives automatically.  Bloggers are known for critical reviews and selling what they aren’t producing, in grand styles.

Businesses have greater opportunity with bloggers in concerned niches, who are dedicated to helping clients.

For companies, individuals and groups whose schedule might not allow time to go about blogging for their products and services, paying for ads spaces and blog posts might really be of help.



Blogging is an integral part of digital marketing,  that has unlimited ability of placing business names, product and services at a focal point of view for numerous potential clients and customers who are ready willing to buy. You might want to try marketing your product and services through our blog, today.






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