4 Ways you can pay for Facebook Ads in Nigeria with Naira Cards

It’s no longer news that advertising your products or services on social media is a great way to either double your traffic or generate huge profit in your business. But ‘how to pay for ads with Naira card’ has been a very popular question from some of our readers from Nigeria.


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But the interesting fact is that this service (paying for ads in Naira) has been available for some time and it works very well.


Don’t worry. In case you’ve not been able to place your advertisements, this post will guide you through all you need to know-advertisement will be a great way to double(if not triple) your income without much technical knowledge.

There are many ways to go about this and I will be very fast in sharing some of these cool tips that have worked for me.

Yes your ads can be paid for in Naira, but only the skilled can continue after being declined for many times. To me, it looked as though nothing works again, until I tried some of these ones.


  1. Enroll with your bank

Some Naira cards can now pay for Facebook and other platform ads. It’s not hard in any ways.

But if your bank ads has been declined on several occasion, there is nothing to worry about here.

It’s actually your bank doing that. And the reason is found in a very simply policy called Dynamic Currency Conversion, DCC. The banks want to avoid your payment using the CBN rate. This is why the payments work where it is in Dollars.

But there is a way you can bypass that. Your ads can run with naira Cards.

But to enjoy this service, you must ensure that you’re MasterCard or any Debit Card you are making use of, is enrolled for 3D secure by the provider (bank)

If you are using a VISA Card, ensure you have the VISA iPIN, this can be created from your banks ATM. The only bank with extra step when it comes to VISA is Access Bank Nigeria, as you need to enroll with the bank before such transactions.


  1. PayPal

Another option is to open a PayPal account and link your naira debit card. This will save you the hassle of opening a domiciliary account with a limit which has 100$ minimum deposit option.

You might have heard of the past troubles we faced with PayPal here in Nigeria, but the good news is that it lives no more. You can now trade with your Naira cards freely on PayPal without any restriction.

Some Nigerian banks now have PayPal integrated with their mobile and desktop applications and the means of transactions runs now smoother than never.


  1. PayU

PayU works currently and will you accurate exchange rates. But only new Facebook ad accounts can do this (it’s for lucky ones). And note that I’m not vouching for any man’s business here.

More about PayU?

In case you’re having issues with your PayU account.

Send a mail to sales@payu.com.ng and support@payu.com.ng. You will get a response from PayU in some hours as regards how to go about it. It isn’t difficult unless if the account in question is a business account then that’s a different thing entirely, Facebook may need to completely whitelist the account. But I can confirm to you that creating a new ad account does work, I have helped people on this and they do confirm it works.

Learn How to pay for ads with PayU using your Naira cards here:  Feel free to leave a comment


  1. Create A domiciliary Account

This has the overall key to the challenge. With a domiciliary account in a currency like Dollar, you can place ads across many social networks, search engines and other foreign site you may think of.

It has no rigorous process(s) involved.

With your 100$ note, you can walk into any Nigerian bank, with a valid means of identification(like Driver’s License, International ID card, or even a voters Card) for your Dollar denominated account.
When the account is created, the next is to apply for a card of your choice. Currently, I’m using my FirstBank Visa Debit card.
You can also go for that or any bank of your choice, but have it at the back of your mind that you have the responsibility of funding your account in the subsequent times.



Facebook is really keen on keeping their Nigerian market they better come up with a convenient solution or they stand to lose free money. But for my guys out there that are still in need of placing their ads on Facebook try any of these options I shared above, and stand a better chance of winning your niche.


Have you succeeded in paying for Facebook ads with Naira cards, or are you still having difficulties paying for ads with Naira Cards? Please share your thoughts on the comment boxes below.


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