5 Core Things To Consider While Running Advertisements On Facebook

In order to avoid wasting your hard earned currency, you must stick to these simple guide on how to run an effective Facebook ads on your page. Whether you are running for yourself, cooperate bodies or for your business, you must consider the following important tips. Before now, I believe you have read my previous post on how to run an effective Facebook ads; but for the sake of your time, let’s go straight to the point.

There are many things you need to understand. One of them is that there are many kinds of ads run by Facebook. The term Facebook ads is beyond the Page Boosting, as some only utilize.

The main ad types and placement are as follows:
  • Terminology. ‘Page Post Engagements’ is a term Facebook often references.
  • Promoted Posts
  • Boosted Posts.
  • Multi-Product Ads.
  • Video Ads.
  • Domain ads.
  • App Ads
  • Event Ads. Learn more about the numerous Facebook Ads Here


Here are few things you should look into, while running most ads on social networks:

  1. Select the Keywords carefully

Search engine crawlers look into the heart of the ads, just as God look into the hearts of men. This should be selected at the unset of the page creation. The page must be known for something, and they are the keywords you chose to be remembered for. This has nothing to do with the Ads, but to be seen by potential audience that might have searched for your type of content, you must be at peace with the Key-wording.

  1. Location

Not every ads is meant for people outside your location. While boosting your posts, you must ensure that the location is selected. You can achieve this by selecting your targeting using the ‘people you chose through targeting’. You can select multiple locations, if that includes your geographic areas of interest.

  1. Interests

Still on the ‘people you chose through targeting’, you will notice the demographic interests. These are people that are after the kind of content you are about to share. There is no limit to the number of interests you can select (as long as they are in line with the content you share)

It depends on the nature of content you want to share. Be wise in making your selections, to avoid pushing the right contents to the wrong audience.

4. Total Budget 

Before clicking the final bottom, ensure you check how much it was billed., to avoid spending more than your budgets.

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