5 Creative Ways to double your AdSense earning through Blogging  

5 Creative Ways to double your AdSense Earning through Blogging  

The tales of any blogging career cannot be complete without the mentions of earning through AdSense. And the good news to bloggers who intent to grow wealth through AdSense, is that they can double their earnings from any point, and at any time. But the hope of making money through blogging had no trace, when traffic is not in place.

So in order to boost your AdSense Earning, you need to do justice to the number of organic outreach, and ensure you stay at the top for a very long time, while blogging.

Blogging is a work from home job; but that doesn’t mean that a blogger has a magical power of extracting wealth from readers without having a value to add.

Just seat back; you will definitely, learn how to double your blog traffic, and also double your earning through AdSense.

You might have also learnt that through blogging, web experts make money without physical stress. But that might have been the biggest lies of the century.

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Adsense is still have a huge impact on the financial story of so many bloggers. And I’m about to share how to make the best of it.


Creative Ways to double your AdSense Earning through Blogging  

AdSense Impression

You must have heard of the amount paid by adsense on a thousand views. It rages in prices, but your impression CPM probably isn’t $1. Prices paid on AdSense is on the increase, but changes over time. They are fixed by auction rather than being standard across the network and the value of every impression changes.

I want to be quick in this rundown of the most important factors you’ll always consider:

#1.AdSense CTR 

The majority of AdSense bids are per click, so the Click through Rate of your ad units has a huge impact on revenue performance.  Units that are in positions where they attract few clicks will have drastically different performance to those with high CTRs.


#2. Your Focused Geography

Advertisers are willing to pay differing amounts to reach customers in different regions.  Customers in the so called “tier 1” countries; USA, Canada, UK command higher prices.
So in order to double your adsense earning, build more followers from those countries with higher rank of target. They include, like I’ve mentioned, USA, UK, and Canada. They attract higher pricing and of course, makes your blogging more lucrative.


#3. Your niche

The majority of AdSense ads are contextually targeted. This means that AdSense will select ads that are related to the content of your page.  Due to the auction nature of AdSense different niches will attract different levels of bid.  For instance, content about holidays and flights is likely to attract higher bids than content about your pet hamster.

#4. Choice of ad unit size

Advertisers prefer certain ad sizes.  Less common formats tend to attract less bids, and large formats tend to attract higher bids.  The same ad shown to the same user can achieve very different final rates across different ad unit sizes due thanks to the effect of upwards price pressure in more competitive auctions.

Visitor behavior and demographics: In addition to contextual targeting, Advertisers can target by user demographics and behavior (retargeting).  Having a valuable audience who shop online can push up rates thanks to the extra bids and auction pressure these methods introduce.

#5. How good your site is

If you have a site that advertisers want to be see on, then you might also attract placement targeted ads.  These ads, specifically targeted at your website, can be very effective in increasing demand and help pushing up rates.

As you can see, lots of factors. In fact there are a lot more than can impact auction pressure and change the rates you see.  This all makes is hard to give a general “what can I make?” answer.  I’ve worked with sites that have reached their full potential at a few hundred dollars a month and those earning in the millions.  It is all down to the website.



AdSense is a great ways of improving your financial productivity through blogging. With a good knowledge of AdSense, you can work from home, and make money without paying huge tax. Blogging is one of the most lucrative freelance job, and has several monetization alternatives. You might also love to follow this link for latest tactics on blogging for money.

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