5 Free Photo-Editing Tools To Become A Graphics Designer

With these 5 free photo-editing tools, you’ll become a graphics designer without having to pay any expert in the field. And you may not even need a PC to get started with some of these tool

It’s not always advisable to start with highly technical software like the Photoshop and Coral Draw. There are other options that will make things easier for you

Why Graphic Designing

Most things done, both  in the public and in the private sector requires some level of publicity. In order words, there is a lasting need for graphic designers in the world.

Apart from that, graphic designing is one of the most lucrative digital profession in our time.


However, gone are the days when learning how to become a graphic designer takes decades. You can start from no where and get somewhere in graphic designing through the help of some apps that have made things easier.

But I will always advice you; not to remain a user of app.

As you get more insight into the color combination; which is what make a graphic designer, you will need to move into bigger and more technical aspects of the designs.


The Story of A Graphic Designer


The joy of any expert is not on those things he passed through to become. Rather, on whom he has become.

Some of us did not have what it takes to seat for a graphic designing class. So, we only tried as much as possible to learn.

So, irrespective of the amount you have now, there is every possibility that you’ll learn how to design.


5 Free Photo-Editing Tools To Become A Graphics Designer

Let’s go there

1. Canva App

Canva is a design app where you create stunning graphics, amazing fonts with images.

Non-professional and professional graphics designer use Canva.

It was developed in 2012 and has helped groomed a lot of designers.

Before you jump on Photoshop, start with Canva and get acquainted with the features.

You can get the Canva App on Play Store or Apple Store if you use iPhone.


2. Desygner

Desygner is a graphics software with ready-made designs where you edit images.

It has beautiful templates you can use and tweak for your benefit.

You can find the desygner app on play store or Apple Store if you use iPhone.


3. Adobe Photoshop Express Editor

This is more of a picture editing software.

You can do layout and style transfer, direct upload on Dropbox, Facebook or Google Drive.

You can also add watermark to your images.

From experience, using Photoshop express to add text on images doesn’t give you the result Canva App would give.

So, I recommend using Canva App for text and Photoshop Express for editing your picture.


4. Adobe Lightroom CC

This is another advanced but simple version of Photoshop Express.

It is a free app that allows a powerful yet simple solution for capturing, editing and sharing your videos.

Thus, you can capture, edit, organise or save your work in a very simple form. You can learn to edit with this too.


5. Snapseed mobile App

When I started, Snapseed was one of the apps I explored a lot.

It has some beautiful features like editing text, photo edit, filters, templates.

It has healing brush and you can export your work RAW. It’s an awesome app for beginners.

So, you can start your graphics editing career with these amazing tool.



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