6 Lucrative and Common Work from Home Jobs for Any Unemployed

Working from homes can’t be any fun without suiting your situations and lifestyles. But should we shun or embrace work from home jobs?

We need to find out in this post.

This is for youths, dads, students and even Nursing Mums; and are simple tasks we can all carry out online for stronger passive incomes.

In this post, we’re going to explore the web, to find out the best working alternatives for both the employed and the unemployed.


Note: some of the tips may not be effective in your country; due to certain government policies, and other possible conditions but on a general note, we’re trying to share ways mums can make money working from their homes.

Here in Nigeria, a lot of internet marketers thrive in their respective niches and make huge amount in Naira without being employed by any organization.


What are the Work from Home Jobs?

6 Lucrative and Common Work from Home Jobs for Any Unemployed

Probably, you felt unsure of the term on the headline, but that is not anything strange. You deserve to know all.

Work from Home Jobs are those simple or demanding jobs you can carry out from the comfort of your homes, and make money.

It might not be online. It may just involve conversations over the phone, clicks on the internet, and or one-to-one interaction.

But the bottom-line is that you’re working from home.


Are you Still Searching for Job?

There is nothing wrong with that.

After all, JobReaders is a good platform to search for jobs and scholarship opportunities and be shortlisted.


However, there are tons of jobbing alternatives that one might love to consider. But for the sake of the scope of this article, let’s proceed to those ways mums (and any interested folk) can make money through the web, or working from home.



5 Most Lucrative Work from Home Jobs for Any Unemployed

Of course, there is no limit to the class of people that can engage in these. The employed class might consider some of the options as passive means of income, while the other class can depend on any of these, for livelihood.

However, here are the self-made offices:


  1. Blogging

Blogging is a great work from home Job for Nursing mums or other categories of people who might not be locomotive.

Blogging is defined by creating contents (texts, video and or images) for variety of audience, and doesn’t require any tedious task to get to the top.

You can start learning how to create contents and make money as a blogger in your own country.

Note: you need to invest in your blogs to make it worth my claims. But that might not exceed the hosting plans and the price for the beautiful domain names.


Do you want to start blogging?

Here are the first few things that you need to consider:

Your blogging niche

Your content sources

Your audience

And your monetization options.

These and more, I will teach you in my upcoming Blogging Masterclass. Feel free to Sign up Now



  1. Online Tutorials

Apart from through writing (or blogging), there are other great ways of passing information over the web.

Tutorials on the internet comes in shapes and sizes as well, and as concerns teaching with videos, I’ve shared great ways, tools and monetization options for willing teachers that want to make money over the internet, working from home.

You might start reading how to make money teaching online, but the bottom line is that there has never been an easy way to get paid for what you know like working on the internet as a teacher.

There couple of free tools that will help you create contents on the internet and make whole lot of money without investing the world.

Here are few ways you can teach on the internet and make money:

  1. Creating video courses on the internet through platforms like YouTube.
  2. Creating other digital contents, and selling in forms like eBooks or Podcasts
  3. Streaming your Online Radios and Building your audience

There are more, as a matter of fact, that has to do with creating these contents and sharing over the web. But there is a sure note that at the end of a good work with your platforms, earning will be inevitable.


  1. Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

Although some still see this business as illegal, I have earned cool extra cash from so many of them here in Nigeria.

Multi-Level Marketing is highly lucrative and legal as well, it’s a sure lucrative means of steady, passive income. And I’m proud of including it in this list of work from Home Jobs.

When marketed very well, you have every chanced of earning in 6-figures before the end of this month.

Since I was introduced by an honest person, I’ve been going about my MLM businesses with the right mentality and approach; and I have been making money online.

A lot of folks are making money through these means, and you might also try it today.







  1. Content Creating

This is a business for creative and good writers.

Because it has to do with learning about someone, an organization, products or services, and generating engaging contents that will promote and keep their audience glued to action; for the owners.

As a good writer, you can get the job running actively on your social profile accounts, where you can market your skills and get hired to create valuable content for brands.

You can also ask bloggers to place your profiles as one of the content developers in their sites, social platforms and blogs.

That will enrich your promotion and help you attract clients that will highly pay for your services for their brands.


Why content Developing?

Most organizations serve audience that are larger than what content they can create to effectively market their products and or services.

Some big guys are too busy that they don’t have time to engage their audience in the form of writing.

There is always a need for quality content development in the areas of modern marketing, and most entrepreneurs utilize these ample opportunities in showcasing their skills and talents, making money through the ‘work from home’ options.


  1. Online retail business

The internet has become a mighty global village, and over time we’ve shared how lucrative running businesses over the web is.

Selling and cashing online is no new in the internet world, and it’s one of the ways one can work from home and make money without paying rents.

And with having a blog, you’re unlocking all the shortcomings of selling and making money online.

However, in the case where you don’t have money for a new blog, you can use the starter alternatives.

For a start, you can showcase your products on big online retail stores like Konga or Kaymu (if you are in Nigeria)

This is because they are already known, and they have inbuilt payment processing and inventory management.

Your responsibility is to deliver the products on demand and see the cash coming your way.


  1. Online Consulting

You need to maximize your superior knowledge;  to make use of the certificate (if you went to school), and to help others. You need to teach others what you know very well.

And you need to make the cash, working from the comfort of your homes.

This is what I mean;

With your specialized skills, you can start your own consulting business and charge a fee for your services. You can do it online, where you have to pay little or no rent.

As business consultant, I teach my clients how to make use of the web and leverage tools like social media, ads platforms, and affiliate marketing and other forms of digital marketing; to grow their businesses.

You can do same.



You can do this through your social media, your blog, emails bots etc.


Instead of going about with your certificates and other credentials, looking for job, create a platform for consultation and get paid four experience.


  1. Vlogging (video blogging)

People have made millions overnight through making short videos and posting them on YouTube and other good video sites that has monetization options.

Few months ago, I wrote a post on how to make money through videos posted on YouTube and I feel you’ll love reading it.

Because that will equip you with the needed insight into this list of  ‘work from home jobs’

Your video contents could be anything from informational, educational, hilarious, bizarre or even business reviews. And also understanding your audience.


Do you want to start making waves and cash through this platform? The start reading how to make money on YouTube.


Read: Ultimate Guides to Working and Earning From YouTube




There might be other cools ways to make money; working from home as a nursing mum or dude who doesn’t want too much stress, but the key factor is understanding the basic concept of any of the chosen profession or niches.


You too can make money with any of these work from home jobs



Feel free to leave a comment below; in the form of questions, contributions, appreciation and or criticism

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