7 Amazing Ways you can Money from your Blog Without AdSense (Updates)

This post is aimed to reveal the 7 Amazing Ways you can Money from your Blog Without AdSense. And for every blogger that have failed many time while monetizing  their blogs through Google Adsense

Over the months, I’ve posted different articles, aimed at revealing the different ponzi-free alternatives for making money without being employed by anyone.


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Sometime ago, I made a post on ‘How To make money from working as a travel agent even from home.


The idea of taking your creative writing skills online, for the purpose of making money is pretty good. But for the sake of the readers, you must say something they’ve not read before.


That is why they need to listen to you. You need to be informed, n order to keep your prospective consumers informed.

Of course there will be no pay, if there is nothing you have to share..


Be Free from The Popular Misconception

Bloggers are ranked among the largest earners in the world of freelancers, but there is more to making some cash through clicks and collecting sums from clients in the name of advertisement. You need to posses the right to make claim your right as a blogger.

Blogging isn’t the cheapest freelance work on the earth.
You need to put in your worth in order to make the best out of your blogging career.

The big Secret is; there is a need to have the largest network and the most amazing number of followers in order to excel as a blogger. But the interest of your followers is what truly matters. Few hundred of the right audience can enrich any focused writer.




There are still many other means of earning rich as a writer, and if you want to learn more about how to earn a living through writing, you might want to read these awesome tips


In this section, my concern is to explore the right means of making huge impacts and making good money as a blogger. But before that, let’s look into few tips here. You might also want to know what blogging really means to me.


Understand Blogging 

Blogging is all about expressing one’s passions, knowledge and love over a particular topic or a number of selected topics, but also a web environment for consumer to solve their problems with either bloggers’ guides, tutorials or video and other graphic displays. Looking at  the business side, bloggers have a way of being paid for their jobs online.

There are many approaches to making money as a blogger, but due to the minimal  impacts of affiliate bonuses on bloggers’ income, options like Google Adsense has always been seen as the only superior approach to living large, as bloggers. That might sound true, but it’s still a strong fuzzy logic. If you truly want to make money as a blogger without waiting for the stressful approval processes, without suffering from earning less than 2$ daily, then you need to read on…

But before we continue, there are few questions I will love to answers here:

Does Google Adsens really Pay?

The answer is Yes! I mean capital YES.


But it pays if you have the right content, and be creative enough to apply the codes(AdSense) in the right place(s) that will keep the potential consumers clicking on the ads.


Another thing you must consider while depending on your AdSense is the amount of traffic you have on your analytics. Even as a pro blogger, I manage to get 40 clicks on my ads per 10k page views but that’s not meant to keep you discouraged at all.

Can you earn Through Other Affiliate Marketing Programs?

There another Yes!

Before I make the list of the affiliate marketing alternatives to AdSense, I’ll love to start with other lucrative alternatives to AdSense:

7 Alternatives to AdSense For Bloggers Who Wants To Make Money

  1. Getting Hired to Assist Other Bloggers

As a professional blogger, my richest source of income has been from helping others; either get their own blogs hosted  or make it more appealing to their readers or help them get to their audience.

This is as a result from my web development experiences, my SEO friendly tactics and good communication methodologies on social networks. So instead of wasting much time waiting for Google AdSense approval, focus on building a great blog, humble followers and brand advocates.

Strengthen the impact of the blog and make a lot of money by marketing your skills ‘ready for hire’

Apart from assisting these newbies, you can also be hired to blog for others, as a seasoned blogger. Like I’ve always said, there is no limit to the amount one can earn from assisting other. It is based on your power to negotiate.


  1. Help Others Make Sales[Companies and Individuals]

Bloggers are mostly social media influencers. This is why it’s always easier for blogger to make sales on all sorts of products, by using their large audience as their bragging right. The best medium for this kind of marketing is the social media; Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc

So, having a blog is the last step to keeping a good online presence. The journey start from your social profiles. You may also like other ways of making Money from Social Networks. Blogging without good social presence could be described as a ‘wink in the dark’. Huge percentage of my blog traffic, sale source, social impact all come from social networks. So what are you waiting for?

  1. Guest Posting

Bloggers utilize guest posting to market their skills in other larger blogs. As at early 2017, weusenaira.com recorded about 50 guest posts, from different bloggers who wants to make use of our large audience to make their own blogs known (and one among my earning sources as a blogger)

There is no regulation to the amount you can charge a co-blogger to display his profile on your blog. Some even do this without charges but that depends on the level of relations, your traffic and the nature of content to be displayed. So, you can also earn from guest posting from your blog.

  1. Firsthand Advertisement

The number of visitors you regularly have on your blog has a way of improving your chances of securing jobs to place ads on your blog. As bloggers, your leverage is your traffic, site interactions and other analytics. There are many advertisement options you can offer to your clients (advertisement)

A good source reveals that topnotch blogs charge as much as 300$ per week on banner ads on their blogs. So if you have a nice blog that is capable of redirecting visitors or customers to your advertisers, there is no need to hesitate. Place the ads with claims (telling your potential advertiser how many people visit your site)

If possible, showcase your trusted ranking like Alexa or other analytics results. Your traffic is your leverage for attracting and keeping these clients (advertisers)

  1. Consider Other Advertisement Programs

Apart from Google AdSense, there are many other advertisements sites that can help you earn extra cash as bloggers. But don’t forget that bloggers earn income based on their relevance, the nature of their contents and the solution they provide.
The more people you have on your site every day, the more awesome the amount of money you can earn from this advertisement sites. Checkout these 10 cool alternatives to Adsense

  1. Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate marketing programs work on the basis of “make sale and take commission”. When you display an advertisement and a purchase is made through your link, you get a commission from the purchasing customer. Unlike the CTR and other types of ads that can even pay per impression. Here are many affiliate marketing programs to go for

There are things to consider before considering theses affiliate marketing links. One is your content-does it have the potential of culling the right audience likely to go for these affiliate products? Another thing is your traffic-how much do you think you can earn from just one buyer per week?

  1. Become an Agent

With your blog audience you can make up a good agent; either as a registered agent or a freelance agent. The size and nature of your audience still has to play a rich role here, but there is no type of business that you cannot mediate , as a blogger.

My recent post, “How to Become a Travel Agent from Home-Complete Guide” will open your eyes to the fundamental basics of earning a good living from your freelance choices.

I hope this article helped. If so please don’t leave without recommending to others, by sharing the post.

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