7 Critical Considerations your Blog need for Effective Earning

7 Critical Considerations your Blog need for Effective Earning– things you need to know if making money from your blog is one of your priorities


When you talk about making money from blogging, some go quite skeptical, pretending that blogging is a hobby, a thing of passion and love for writing. But when the cost of keeping the domain and hosting plan for a long time, and paying other bill are considered, the need to earn from your blog becomes inevitable.


What does Blogging realy Mean to you?

Blogging is simply a business of writers, and the more you consider it a business, the more money you are expected to earn from your blogging. And just like other businesses, the more you invest, the more the return, but there are few things successful bloggers will hardly let you know.

There are lots of fact you must be told if you actually want to earn a living from writing as a blogger.

There are lots of articles on the internet, but I’m yet to see a comprehensive material that could highlight the most needed aspect of my blogging interest. This is why I decided to combine lots of factors, from my many years of blogging, research and people, to help newbies and any other blogger struggling to earn a good living from his/her blogging rights.

Despite bragging, this article is not in any way meant to stop anyone from believing in other blogging tales, but a strong guide to profitable blogging activities.

If you truly want to make money from your blog, here are few things you need to either know or do before the journey begins:

7 Critical Considerations your Blog need for Effective Earning

  1. You need to know your audience

This is very important aspect of your reediness to becoming a blogger. It doesn’t matter how much time you’ve spent writing articles or copying from other [which is not even an option]. Many bloggers will tell you how important it is to write quality contents, but that is not just all you need to make meaning as a blogger. No matter how good a content is, without interesting readers, it is just as good as nothing.

We have different audience, and they need different information. This is a vital step you must always consider; understand the kind of content you are in to share and be able to understand the audience that will consume it.

As a blogger, you must understand the nature of your content, and how they are going to be shared.

Let’s make this simple.

Are your audience for gist?

Are they after jobs and scholarships?

Or do you think they are in need of some tutorials?

When you are in control of these answers, blogging will be pretty simple for you.

Another thing you must consider, after being aware of the content type, and the possible audience, is the frequency. This is the number of times and the number of article you need to upload to your site. The frequency of any blog depends on the niche and the nature of audience.

  1. Your blogging Frequency

The number of times you post in a day or a week, the number of words you post on each article and how consistent you are; is what I mean my frequency.

All blog contents needs to be regularly updated. But some blogs can cope without much contents at a regular interval. It all depends on the need for newer information regarding your choice of topic.

For instance; blogger that posts only one job/scholarship opportunity out of the thousands of opportunities around the globe, may find it very difficult to earn a living writing as a blogger. But a blogger that can produce just one tutorial as part of his/her financial blog content, may actually earn a life writing as a blogger, because of the disparity in demands from different audience.

So you see, blogging is all about two factors-your blogging niche and your audience. Be a master of them, but you also need to consider how to make it a business.


  1. Plan for a good hosting option

This might be a bit technical but you just need to understand. You start planning your blogging business right from your choice of domain name, hosting plan and the type of theme you chose. If you consider this side for daunting to understand, you might consider hiring an expert but it should be understood as the basis of blogging.

This is what I mean;

A blog hosted under a deluxe plan on servers like that of the Godaddy finds it hard to accommodate up to a thousand visitors at once. With limited number of resources, your blog will decline in her marketability as well. This is why I call it vital to put your hosting pans into great consideration. But they all depend on your financial budgeting

  1. Consider your monetization-How you make money from your blogs

Here are: 7 sure Approaches to Making Money with Your Blogs

There are many ways to make money from your blog, but you need to be aware of your content type. One can earn as much as five thousand dollars a year from a blog through affiliate marketing programs, blog advertisements, and other forms of advertisements.

There is no single means of earning from blogs that does not require some level of commitment. It’s true that bloggers make lots of income from their blogs but without massive traffic, advertising on your blogs; which is the mainstay of bloggers, but it demands a bigger efforts.

Before your blogs start selling, you must check your activities on the social network. And that’s why we must consider your blog awareness and social marketing.

  1. Consider your Blog Awareness and its Social Marketing

The good content on your blog needs to get across. People need to see the good work you’ve done and that can only go well, if you have a good means of redirecting people to your blog. Social network sites like Facebook, twitter, and Instagram is a good means of driving leads.

But you need to understand the concept of social media marketing.

Instead of flooding your social timeline with unnecessary blog posts, and other contents create pages and groups that will help do that effectively without disturbing your finds and followers. This is called a forceful advertisement, and has been classified as an outdated form of sharing information.

Again, the number of friends, like and followers may also have something to do with the number of traffic you have on the blog. This happens when you direct audience to your blog URL. And you can invest on followers and interest by page and post boosting.

There are still other means (and the most important) of making your blog seen on the internet. This is called the Search Engine Optimization, SEO. This involves the use of the search engine webmaster tools, good post titling, keywording, and quality body as your blog content.

You may also make use of plugins like the Jetpack, and other SEO plugins to track the behavior of your blog audience, if you are a WordPress user.

With a good observation of your blog SEO, you’ll stand a better chance of selling your blogs more appropriately. When your site is running with a pretty SEO mechanism, the next thing you might consider is the continuity of the blog-that is where the real things comes.


  1. You must plan to continue

Your continuity plan matters to both your pocket, search engines optimization, page ranking, your audience reliability, and the entirety of your blogging career. This is why recommend a two year hosting plan for my new clients. As a newbie, that will help them continue their blogging until they could earn enough to pay for their next hosting plans.


When a blog stops for a while, there is every possibility that your audiences’ fate declines, and that might affect your earning. The search engine crawlers may find it difficult to continue placing your pages in their best ranking. And that affect your visibility and ultimately, your earning will drop.

But to stop this, as your blog grows, you may consider training others or hiring experts to help you with more research and posting, in order to meet up with the demands of your audience. Remember; more traffic, more money. And the more you keep your audience informed the more your blog earns for you.



  1. You need to Exercise patience

I love the ancient adage that says ‘Rome was not built in a day’

So is blogging.

You can’t just create a blog today and expect to earn tones of dollars in the next few months. That could happen if you really have a lot of money to push the ads to the needed height, but rarely obtainable for the low-end bloggers.

Before blogs start paying your bills, there must’ve be a strong fan base and good number of loyal followers, as your bragging right.

Then, you might want to brag with the number of followers on your pages, your Alexa’s ranking, the number of members on your groups, and other forms of demographic leads.

There are many other tactics on how to make money from your blog, but I just made this post to keep your guided as your ride on the journey of blogging.




You must understand that this article was not composed in any definite order. I tried as much as possible to touch many factors that could stand as obstacle to the success of your blogging activities.

If you have question, a contribution to make, please make use of the comment box below. You’re all welcome.

But for the fact that this post may not be the most comprehensive guide to blogging, you might also like the information below.



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