7 Important Fact you were not told about Blogging

7 Important Fact you were not told about Blogging. And the reason why many newbies find it very difficult to cater for their next hosting plan.

There are many reason why you have probable failed many times, trying to get the best out of your struggle to impress your readers. There is a possibility that you did not start the journey with either the right people or the right intentions.


But whatever the case may be, there is a chance that your blogging habits improves.


I won’t doubt our abilities to make money as bloggers, but if you truly want to know the other side of bloggers’ stories please pay undivided attention to the content of this post. However, in this post, I’ll be revealing few things your web developer(s) did not tell you about blogging.

What Motivated This Post?

I was counselling for few new bloggers last week (on a local radio), and friend called in to ask how much I’d earned from my Google AdSense so far, and I decided to be very open to her. Just that moment, she was rekindled and felt like joining blogging immediately (as she expressed). But this doesn’t make any difference; when you look at the other side if the story, it might also seem very daunting as a job.

One once asked me if I can vouch for blogging as a lifetime profession. These, and more are similar questions and challenges I battle with on my private massages, and that’s why I’ve chosen to share it here.

But before I move into the ‘Funny Tales you were not told about Blogging’, I will love to answer few questions here.

If you are intending to set up a new blog, and has making money as your primary intention. Sorry to disappoint you. There is no room for you in the blogospheres. Bloggers earn for their services to humanity. But as to whether blogging can be a lifetime profession, the answers is yes. I mean YES!

I’m glad you didn’t just stumble upon this article. You must have a trace of freelance and looking for a way to maximize your online presence. Blogging might be the right option for you but please read in-between the line here.

Important Facts you were not told about Blogging

  1. The name and look of the blog does not play much roles

Sometimes, dummies focus much energy and interest on the outlook of the blog, which has nothing to do with ease of navigation and the validity of their blog contents. Instead of investing more on how the blog looks, concentrate on the solution your blogging career is meant to solve.

In short, the richest blogs I pay much attention to, has no good outlook design or neither do they have the best names in the world. Topnotch bloggers have the most poorly arranged blogs. But there is something very cogent you must learn about blogging. Any blog post you intend to write must have the readers in mind. For instance, jobreaders.com is a site meant for graduates, undergraduates and job-seeker looking for better jobs, but their needs are met in o more organized format, irrespective of the look of the site.

In any state of perception you are right now, please note that the name and look of the blog does not play much roles. The content does.


  1. Blog contents should be collective

A good blog should be a place where readers gather collective information to meet their needs. It’s simply a source of information, not a play store. So if you want to blog, ensure you must learn how to keep your related content organized in a batches, for easy navigation and collection.

Some started blogging with the intentions of writing and sharing anything that comes into their minds. But the truth is that you cannot do it all alone. Many have tried and failed in their quest to set up and run a multi-categorized blog. Blogs with many categories might help in pulling traffic from multiple sources, but the readers’ satisfaction might be very tedious to meet with.

Instead chose a particular niche of interest and work on your mastery.

  1. There is no single way or earning from your blog

Thousands of bloggers made this mistake in their early blogging careers. Like I’ve shared, people believe that Google AdSense is my only source of income as a blogger, and not aware that AdSense is just one among my ways of paying my bills as a blogger here in Nigeria. You might want to read these 7 Cool AdSense Alternative for Bloggers that Want to earn Big.

  1. Bloggers Are Influencers

But not all influencers are bloggers.

If you cannot influence your readers, social followers, friends and your brand advocates to take action, maybe you’ve not gotten the idea of blogging.

Another reason that might have prevented you from making huge impact and wealth as bloggers is your creativity. You’ve got to be creative enough to know what your audience wants at a time.

  1. Blogging Needs Extra cash

You aren’t working and doesn’t probably have a means of income and wants your blog to be widely discovered and followed.

Charlie, there must be something wrong in your blogging orientation and must be corrected at once. But if you’ve got less competitors, the task maybe simplified with your knowledge of SEOs.

Without that, such blogs will find it very difficult to see the least page ranking by any search engine in the world.

Good blogs are not made in days. It takes time to come up with a defined market, new set of kind followers and advocates that will keep recommending your content for other.

Some of your blog posts need paid boosting. You can also utilize others’ blogs to make your more known to others and nothing stops you from watching your daily analytics reports to keep track of your growth.

  1. Blogging does not Have a pattern

You are not expected to do it the same way with me. Blogging is all about expressing yourselves. Study your market very closely to figure out your real audience. Ensure your contents has the readers in mind.

  1. It Takes Some time To Start Earning

Just like an entrepreneur who sets up a kiosk. He buys some finished goods from either manufacturers or wholesalers. After the shop is fully set, the next step would be to convince his new customers. When his popularity soars, then he will start earning from the turnout.

Same with blogging. When you start blogging, the next step would be to convince readers to visit your blog. There are many approaches to building your blog audience, subscribers, and buyers. But all depends on the nature of your content and the niches’ competition.

If you need to set up a blog OR rich counselling about your blogging niches, feel free to contact me. Or table your case before us using the comment box below.

If this article helped, please share to teach other newbies and intending blogger.

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