7 Proven Ways you can Legitimately make Money during Hard Times

7 Proven Ways you can Legitimately make Money during Hard Times-anhe truth is that you don’t require any certification to earn enough to pay your bills.

I learnt that years ago, and it has been my reason to keep the faith up.


You too can!

You can make much money, even as the economy of your nation is not in a good state. Guess how? By doing certain thing right.

Sounds simple?


What Keeps Some 

Everyone is at peace with education, even me. But when it come to certification, Africans seem to pay more allegiance to its procurement than in solving problems with the acquired knowledge. ‘Making money’ has become a lucrative topic on blogs and other media, but there is always something missing in some contexts; there is always a need to make money, but work is inevitable.

On this post, I will concentrate on those Ponzi-free means of earning good living without having a boss. Economic recession is never a reason to practice poverty.

Being on the internet has really helped me tap into some possibilities. Entrepreneurship has taken a different styles and web professionals are ranking ‘best’ in the community of technology. Though many Years ago, the use of internet was not part of the tools they still changed the fate of their businesses. So we, as internet breeds have no reason to set back and blame the governments for poor governance.


Without much verbs, here are few ways you can make money working for what you love:

  1. Become a teacher Online

We are all teachers, but some are better than others. If you have skills and are ready to teach others, there are many free tools that will help you prepare video for your targeted audience. Videos shared online (through sites like YouTube) has the possibility of reaching over 10 million viewers per day. And there are many monetization options that will keep your money coming even while you sleep.

Do you know how much it pays to teach online?

I earn big from writing, but demonstrating your skills online (through videos) pays more than any conventional teaching job.

You must have seen videos that demonstrates ‘how to do’ certain things on YouTube. You must have also wondered how they get paid for their time and efforts posting videos online, but the monetization options for youtube vides must clear your doubts.

What do you need to start teaching online?

Here are few free tools you may need to start teaching on the internet


Monetization Options

Google AdSense for YouTube, Paid advertisement, YouTube partnership and other affiliate marketing programs make teaching with videos online very lucrative.

So, stop wondering how to make money as a teacher. Learn the tools to make good videos and start earning immediately.

To make it clearer, you can ask me on the comment box, to get started.


  1. Become A graphic Designer

You don’t need any certificate to do this. Lessons from video demonstrations (the teachers above) may be all you need to acquire good knowledge of graphics, using modern 3-dimension supported software like CoralDraw, Adobe Photoshop, and other paint Programs.

Is this really possible?

These software will help you design logos, branding images, and customizing tools for companies and individuals. But upon this fact, relevant online presence will go a long way in keeping people aware of your skills.

Good freelance websites like Freelancer.com may also be a nice place to make the best out of your graphic skills.

  1. Creative Writing

Blogging is not the only means expressing one’s creative endowment in writing. It’s just one of the most popular ways of impacting multitudes on the internet.

Creative writers can earn from creating good profiles for companies, managing social accounts for big ones, reviewing books for authors, and lots more.

Although blogging has been my larger source of income, I’ve also made a lot of cash writing for other purposes.

Agrawal, the founder and owner of ShoutmeLoud (India), Linda Ikeji of Nigeria and other popular bloggers have good stories of their blogging worth and journey.

The most amazing thing about writing is that it has little or no startup cost. And you can make million writing as a freelancer.

Here are many ways you can make money, if you have something to share, as a digital writer.

  1. Start Online Consultation

You are authorities in your respective field and have every right to showcase your knowledge. Trust is all you need to build, in order to make good living out of your field; by influencing an directing others to their right actions.

But to do this effectively, you might want to set up a good online relevance that will keep your services at a closer reach with your targeted audience.

For instance, I’m a blogger and I can make any amount of money helping other gain their needed insight in the blog-sphere.


What do you know how to do?

Do you think you have the right knowledge that can help other tap into the right resources for their growth?

Are you qualified to render any form of a professional advice?

Then take up your pen and start making the right plan to sell your skills. Though to get to a larger audience, there may be a need to create your own professional website.

  1. Sell Stuffs Online

You can help people, companies, and yourselves make sales online. Modern marketing strategies has migrated from mere pitch-powered approaches to real sale mechanisms which primarily involves filtered advertisements and constant engagement.

Do you have something to sell?

Have you considered taking it online?

Maybe you need to give it a try. The number of users on the internet is a great bait and strong factor in digital marketing.

There are many advertisement platforms in the web that can help you make sales without stress, but you can only get rich doing, this when you go by the nitty-gritty of the users’ choices.

  1. Have you tried running an agency?

You do not need any certificate to do this. And there are many needs for an agent in different fields.

You need not special skill to run certain freelance agencies like the land and property agents do.

But if you are conversant with your laptop keyboard, you can go as far as being a freelance travel agent which may requires certain computational skills like the internet research, ticket booking and other kinds of reservations.

Though you can make this a full fledge agency (if you have all that it may require), there is every possibility of making huge earning from mediating for your clients (travelers).

This may require registering with the Corporate Affair Commission (CAC), obtaining your IATA accreditation and certificates. But I’ve written on the comprehensive requirements for running a travel agency in Africa.

As for other kinds of Travelling: you can help your clients (buyers or sellers) secure or buy lands or other properties, based on your own term on the commission (which may not go below 10% of the purchase of sales price)

So what are you waiting for?

If the answer is nothing, then you need to try this out. Look for people(buying or selling) and help them get the customers they are looking for. You can also get some commissions for referring them to agents near you. Learn how to make money from being an agent here

  1. Talking is Money

When you’re talking, there will be no need to showcase your certificates, if you are speaking right. Only your captions, quotes and speeches will be remembered, and not the school you attended. This is why you must get your talking career branded to fetch you some money. There is always a need for talkers everywhere.

If you can talk, you’re already employed.

But you must understand that your talent is not enough. There are good books and coaching that will help you pass through the mental shift in your ability to talk and how to handle your audience. If you can talk better you will eventually pay some bills but good public speaking methodologies will help you remain relevant as a talker.

Why do we consider talking as a means of making money?

A motivational speaker receives revenue via speaker fees. Speaker fees are payments received for speaking engagements. Prior to speaking before a group, a speaker will negotiate the fee with the event sponsor. Established speakers may have blogs or websites which list their speaking fees. The fee could be structured at an hourly or daily rate depending on the need. In addition to speaker fees some speakers negotiate hotel rooms and flights to the event if it is held outside of the speaker’s home area. A speaker may even negotiate an expense account if the speaking assignment is for an extended length of time or in an international area.

So do you want to speak?

I’ve learnt a lot from teachers like Larry King, and ever since I decided to add speaking to my lifetime job, there has always been a different. You too can!

I have a good friends, that can talk for Africa, and is still going place as a result from his ability to talk. The brand name Pragmatic is still billing weight in the verbal industry and will soon storm the whole of Africa. Learn how to talk for commercial purposes, with Iwuagu Kelechi Vincent


  1. What about Jobs?

Jobs can also save. Many companies are currently recruiting. But it depends on how informed you are. Jobs sites like Jobber man, Jobzillar, Jobreaders.com , and so on, constantly publish latest job listing in Nigeria and their application links.

How to get good jobs in Nigeria

The approach is simplified. All you need is a handy resume, good written CVs and always visit the right websites for latest jobs in your own country.

For instance, for latest jobs in Nigeria.

  1. simply visit jobreaders.com
  2. See the latest Jobs and other available opportunities
  3. Read carefully, the requirements, and their application procedures
  4. Apply as required
  5. Wait for the call(for either interview and or training)
  6. But keep looking for others to apply for(don’t depends and wait on only one job listing)


Warning: No company or recruiter will ask for money in order to offer you the job. Beware of fraudsters and their numerous tactics


  1. But always try something new

There is nothing new in trying anything new. Here is the right place to set the fire burning in the phase of innovation and Ideas. Don’t be afraid to try something very different from what you’ve doing.
There is no way you can measure your worth until you try it out. But never quit your current job without a new one.



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