7 Ways To Earn Huge Income As A Blogger In Nigeria

Blogging is not all about built vocabularies and jaw cracking sentences. It has nothing to do with strives to impress every reader that stops by, as many are seriously doing. It is all about communication. Good readers want to know your mind about that particular topic. n And when you do it good, you must be paid well.

The need to be real and precise is still as necessary in the community of bloggers, as the oxygen we all take in every minute. I have created many blogs, failed many times and have come to the point that failing will never be possible again. Blogging is all about the content, platform and your audience, but when you fail to relate these categories you may find it difficult renewing your hosting plans.

Everything has a form and blogging is not an exception. Making money from blogging is very simple, and has the coolest form of procedures. This is why I made this post, to guide newbies and expert who have found it difficult to understand why they have not made a lot of money from blogging. To sand tall(financially) from blogging, you must obey these ancient rules:

  1. Start a Blog. …
  2. Start Creating Useful Content. …
  3. Get Readers and keep them engaged
  4. Start making money from Various means

Sounds simple? Yeah but there are things I did that you may apply to your own unique blogging  routines. I am currently working on my eBook that will reveal how I make about $1000 in a month through affiliate marketing programs, but to make real money as a blogger here are my guides:

  1. Say What You Know

I don’t know the orientation you had about blogging. Maybe you are one of those dudes that joined blogging because other are making money from it. In Nigeria, domain names like ‘Naija that Naija this’ has flooded the web, but only the few unique ones are excelling. Don’t do what everybody is doing.

There is nothing like being the best of your own kind, and not the best of all. You have a unique set of fingers and a different kind of disposition; there is no way you can be like others and Google must understand that, and if you eventually become like others, you have lost your real taste.

In blogging, being real is cute because the web is never saturated. Being real either makes your style sell or makes you realize what you cannot do. I started selling, as a blogger when I learnt to share my ideas, not what others are saying at that time.

  1. Be Honest

In a bid to buy traffic, you obviously see blogger doing all sorts of things to lure click and at the end increasing their ‘bouncing rates’. Ensure that you either directs or redirect your readers, where they should be redirected to.

Shun false delays as tactics for gaining ad impressions. This has many ways of reducing the level of trust your readers have over your contents. Blogging is meant to guide and not to mislead. In any content you create, let your readers’ satisfaction be your primary focus. I have written extensively on Blogging; including the free options for blogger

    1. Feel the Liberalism

If you are the tech blogger, gossip, or in any field of blogging, you are entitled to your opinions. Never be afraid of the inferences it may attract. In as much as you are correct, real and honest about the matter, never let the fear of total correctness prevent you from sharing the idea. Some may be in love with it.

  1. Always Try New Thing

When I started blogging, I did not consider placing ads on my site, but as I came to certain point, I tried and when some worked I adopted. There is no harm in trying anything new with your blog. Sometimes, you may consider a new theme or plugin, depending on your own reasons. Never be held back, when any innovation comes in.

  1. Connect Before Sharing

People around you are the best. Let them have a glimpse of what you are about to share. Sometimes, the best advice will come from the unconsidered novice. Connect with your friends, get more ideas, and build a better blog. You need to be informed to inform.

There are many other tools that will aid your relevance as a blogger. The likes of Google Trend will keep you updated with what your audience are searching for.

  1. Listen To experts

This is the huge difference, and the source of proper blogging orientation. A professional will always feel important to be remembered in time of need in his/her filed. Ask a blogger how to blog, and you will never be misled.

I hope this article helped. In case you have any questions as a newbie in the air, see the comment section. If there is any expert here struggling to pay more bills through blogging, the column is still for you? Thanks for sharing.

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