About me

My name is Nnanyere Valentineut 

 I’m a web Creator, Certified Digital marketer, Freelance Coach and a publisher at Google Adsense. www.jobreaders.com.
And I believe that You have No Excuses for Failure

No matter what you’re doing, success is possible if you can overcome the natural tendency to cut corners and take the path of the Least resistance.
It has often been said that if people can invest much energy into achieving their goals, as they spend making up excuses for their failure, they could surprise their generations.

I may not know what your flaws are now, but I agreed with Brain Tracy when he argued that Self-Discipline is the magic key that makes everything possible.
Learn to discipline yourself.
There is no height you cannot attain if you can only keep the FAITH up and do the work thereof.

Stop Procrastinating!
Take those ideas into work. Don’t worry how small you are starting.

Do not obey the Expediency factor.
Do what you have to do. And at the right time.

Even your Mum will be surprised at your growth.