Alat by Wema bank: How to Download and Make Money from the Digital Banking

Alat by Wema bank is built for you. It is Nigeria’s first fully digital banking system that is designed to match your lifestyles and help you save more money. And the attractive features include the ease at which you make money through the referral functions; an ideal banking system that Nigerians have ever longed for.


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How to Download Alat by Wema Bank

It is purely digital and does not require any form of paper work. You begin by simply opening an Alat account from your mobile phone, web browser or through the app. And as a means of synchronization, you will input both your phone number and your BVN to get the account running. You can get started here, but I recommend the rest of the article to keep you guided.



Features of Alat Account

This might serve as some of the reasons to get the account opened without further delays. It ranks more than any account you’ve ever used in Nigeria. Here are some of the amazing features of ALat, as powered by the Wema bank Nigeria:



#1. Just 5 Minutes Signup

It does not require any bank paper work, hence it is very fast; starting from the moment of registration. It does not take more than 5 minutes to get your account opened. You can click here to sign up.



#2. It Simplifies Savings

Alat by Wema is simply a genius in keeping your money. It take off the pressure with a simple automated saving plans and earns 10% annual internal interest-three times the standard Bank rate in Nigeria.

#3. Automated Schedules Transfer
With Wema Alat digital banking, you can schedule your transfer to suite your choice. It helps you automate some recurring payments like salaries, depts. and other liabilities. It will help your partners and employees get their pays on time, and at the same time.



#4. Free card Delivery
When you select and pay for a card type at Alat, it does not take more than 3 working days to be delivered to your doorstep; anywhere in Nigeria and at no cost.



#5. You have the Card Control
This means that you have full control of your card.
You can activate your debit and credit cards at ease, you can also lock your cards and unlock them at any time of your choice, and also choose where it can work from your phone.



#6. You can Do it yourself
Unlike other Banking operations, you do everything yourself in Wema’s ALat account. It does have some digital strength that enable people go about their banking transaction at the comfort of their beds, and therefore, create no room for extra charges.

You can change your PIN, Update your Personal Details, and upload your documents with just your phone camera.




Why Download Alat By Wema?
You will have full control of your money, and be able to assist at any time. You don’t need to bother about extra bank charges and there is fewer limits to your transactions on several basis.

With Alat, there is no ridiculous fess and no lousy excuses with your banking assistance. And you can also make money through the Referrals.
Isn’t this cool?

Maybe you just need to try it out. But remember you only need to activate your Alat account with just N 5, 00 (5, 00 Naira) and invite friends to get more funds for your account, through their referral bonuses.


How to make Money from Alat Digital Account by Wema Bank
Remember you need a referee to sign up and here is my referral Code: G67NJF
Copy and Paste the code when you get there.

Now here is how it works with Alat referrals; When your Download your Alat app here:



Android App



You need to proceed with the registrations.

Keep your BVN handy and remember your phone number (that is the first thing you will need). But if you don’t have your BVN with you, do not worry. I will teach you how to get your BVN displayed on your Phone Screed.

How to See your BVN

In case you’ve forgotten you BVN, dial the USSD 5650# (Dial Star 565 Star 0#), on the registered phone to have it on your screen. Please save it, to avoid double charges.


Are you confused? I’ve made a post on the clear procedures: How to Download, Sign up and Make money from Alat by Wema Bank. Click here to learn how to create Alat profile, fund your account and generate a referral code. You can earn so much referral Bonus this Week.




Proceed with the Registration. 

Input your personal details and proceed with the registration.
When you are done, activate your account by paying in N5, 00 into the account or just use your ATM card by selecting the Fund Account. You can also use the mobile Banking Transfer on your phone (the 10-digit number on your app’s home screen is your Alat account number)



When you are done with the activation and funding, click on the menu and select “Invite Friends”
Copy your own Referral code that will appear and start sharing on your wall, if you value that.


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The referral Bonuses
For every person you invite, you will be rewarded with N5, 00. This means N5 00 as the referral bonus and the other N5 00 for the registration still remain yours. Ultimately, for the first 10 people invited, you will be awarded with extra N 10, 000 (ten thousand Naira)

Don’t forget my referral Code: G67NJF
I recommend activating your account first with N5, 00 (five hundred naira) before inviting friends to get referral bonus.

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Is Alat Secure?

Yes. An OTP is generated whenever a transaction is initiated.  With lots of other embedded security techniques, to protect your transactions.


Alat By We has other cool features that makes your Mobile Manning seem like everything.

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