Apple ready to Launch iPhone 8 Smartphone In September

Apple ready to Launch iPhone 8 In September

Apple ready to Launch iPhone 8 In September

It has been work without season, by  of Apple Inc. to deliver on their promises to release the iPhone 8 Smartphone which has been placed on a higher anticipation order by million fans all over the world.

The company representatives are expected to appear on September 12 to unveil its much anticipated new iPhone in a press conference. It is expected to be a means to enlighten her fans on the features of the most anticipated Smartphones in the world. A source added that the design will create a unique trend in the generation of mobile phones.

Large software leak from Apple has revealed the features it entails, but according to our sources, there is still reasons to keep the anticipation up as Apple is expected to announce the new iPhone 8, with the event taking place in the just-built Apple Park and its Steve Jobs Theatre.

And guess what, the Apple  has come out with amazing organizational improvements that will shake the industry. We also learn that the event, unavailing of the new iPhone 8, will be the first of its kind. Non-Apple personnel will be allowed on the grounds in any number, giving the world a glimpse of the latest hallowed halls tech giants.

About the features 

There is also a rumor that t it could be called the iPhone 8, iPhone Pro, or perhaps the iPhone X if it is named after the Apple smartphone’s 10th anniversary – a leak from Apple of the HomePod software revealed much about its design and features. But we are yet to get to much of the fact, and also a reason to anticipate or the new Smartphone.

The Screen

The Screen is considered as the biggest change in the anticipated mobile device.

It has what they called new all-screen design, similar to that produced by Samsung for the Galaxy S8 and Note 8, and LG for the G6 and V30.

The Traditional Home Button

This is going to be amaxing!
The Egyptians you once saw, you shall see then no more as Apple is expected to get rid of the traditional home button on the front, with the screen extending to the edges at the top, bottom and sides of the device, with much slimmer bezels in the new design.

Apple iPhone 8 is not just going to be wonderful. It will keep the revolution afresh.

The iPhone 8 is expected to have a cut out in the screen for the earpiece speaker, selfie camera and sensors, just like that phone Mr Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone (Android-founder).

What a world?

Just imagine what the phone will look like, without the regular home button. That means that the phone will not have a Touch ID fingerprint scanner on the front any longer.

But I sense great completion in the design. The dude might be hoping, like Samsung, to have an under-screen fingerprint scanner. But none of the companies have been able to get the technology to work for this generation. Who knows if iPhone 8 will have such an advancement?

But Apple had the best focus instead; more sophisticated technology was infused into the design to bring out the best of the fans’ anticipations. Infrared facial recognition was embedded in the architecture, as her primary biometric system for the iPhone 8, which will be capable of recognizing a user, unlocking the device and authenticating payments.

And there are more wonders as to what the new features have to offer her users as Leaks also point to the phone being able to tell when a user is looking at it and automatically silencing notifications.

Could these be true?


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