How to apply for Alat Prosumer Program by Wema Bank Nigeria

About a month ago, Alat account was introduced by Wema Bank, and the first indigenous digital banking platform in Nigeria.


And as a new and separate platform, there are lots of opportunities for both graduates and students who intend to partner with Wema Bank in promoting the new account.


It’s on this note that I prepared a guide on how to apply for Alat prosumer program in the Bank.

Don’t forget that I have share other opportunities on even how to earn some cash with the account.

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What is Alat Prosumer Program all About ?

The ALAT Prosumer Program (APP) is open to anyone who is a good conversationalist online, has a considerable following on Twitter as well as a high level of engagement with followers and an in-depth knowledge of the ALAT app.



If you’re selected to join the program, you will be expected to:

  1. Help resolve difficulties ALAT users complain about online..
  2. Acquire new ALAT customers.

  3. Propose ways to improve the relationship between ALAT users and the brand.

Now, if you think you can be a banker, or feel the passion for working from home; here is your opportunity to join the team of bankers and earn your monthly salaries


Note: These are not the only questions you might face. I just prepared a place-holder to help you be on guard.

We might not be in the same line of though and for that, our communication style will definitely differ.


Why are you the right choice for this role at ALAT?

I have passion for innovation, and Alat is one among the best innovative banking initiatives in Africa. I have a strong believe that Alat will displace so many other digital banking and payment gateways; when we have more hands in brainstorming for the best ways to grow it.


I desire working under demanding conditions, on the internet.


I am the right choice to work with Alat team on the issue of customer care solutions on the internet and on more ideas that can boost the image of the digital account, because of my seasoned knowledge of the behavior of the web.

And because I know the need of most internet users and web entrepreneurs.



I am a blogger, with the URL, and as the case proves, I have worked for more than 6 years solving peoples’ problems in the internet.


My disciplined is computer science, and currently I am working on self-development,  towards being a better digital marketer.


I have gained ground influence on the social media marketing and I understand the algorithms of most of the top social media platforms that will help Alat user play save, through effective customer care delivery



Do you have any experience dealing with dissatisfied customers?

The answer, you should know

But I recommend you shout yes


How would you sell ALAT to a 29-year old who already owns two bank accounts?


It’s about the latest in town-Alat.

It’s digital account powered by Wema bank, and to be honest, it is the first in Nigeria.

It will help you pay across both foreign and domestics websites, and make your shopping fun.


And another good news is that; ALat is the kind of account that funds herself.


With the referral function attached to the account, you only need to activate your account with #500, invite others and gain #500 as a bonus on each referral


What are your strengths?

My communicating strategy has been my selling point.


And my honesty buys me the trust each time I deal with customers.


What are your weaknesses?


But with constant studies and watch on my behaviors, I have gained insight to overcome it.




When you have successfully submitted your application, you’ll receive a notification that will confirm it.

Alat by Wema Prosumer opportunities and how to Apply
The next things is to keep checking your email for latest updates.

Bust based on experience, there are other things you must bear in your mind, as part of the requirements.

Which are :

#1. You must Open Account with ALat
#2. You must refer up to 5 Candidates to Open account with Alat
#3. You must speak about the account on your social media page ; and precisely your twitter handle.



If you don’t want to miss other opportunities, you may follow my timeline closely for more




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