How I Became a Pro Web Developer without Paying a Coach

Becoming a Web Developer, like many people saw it, has been the most daunting aspect of some web careers, but the truth is about to be told.

Nothing tenders a hardcore like when you’ve identified the wave of your aspirations, and pay no attention to anything else that could barricade the communication between the source of such desires and your efforts towards making achieving them.


But for the fact that some are not truly aware of the web terms, I want to tell you who a web developer is.


Who is a Web Developer?

According to Wikipedia,  web developer is a programmer who specializes in, or is specifically engaged in, the development of World Wide Web applications, or applications that are run over HTTP from a web server to a web browser.


In other words, a web developer may help a client to develop a business website, schools websites, blogs and other web applications such as plugins, forums and others, depending on the nature of programming languages he/she uses.


A web developer can make a lot of money working from home, just like Val.



What Others Did to Become Web Developers


People were paying hundreds to seat with NIIT experts, but I had no cash in school.


But I’d always loved to be a web developer.


There is hope in the web, and the truth is that the web is the biggest teacher.


What I mean is; you can learn to develop webs, just from the web.



How I Became a Pro Web Developer without Paying a Coach

That time, I was studying computer science in Federal University of technology Owerri. I was faced with a crowned disappointment.


Just because I perceived the department as where I would be taught how to utilize computer gadgets.

But I had no money for paid seminars or even the low-end eBooks.


But one night, I saw a link that redirected me to a series of video on YouTube


I downloaded, watched over and over again with little understanding.

Tried their tricks and failed many times.



But when it clicked, I forgot I once failed.



Later, I completely fell in love with codes.



Today (2018), I just hate to brag.

But isn’t that amazing to hear that I’ve not tasted any other job, but the web?


You can do better!


Just search the web (with the right keyword), describing the nature of sites you want to be developing, download their videos and try their procedures

Do that over and over again, to master the hacks.


You don’t need a certificate to do marvelous things on the web


Try is out!








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