Best Bank Cards for Facebook Ads in Nigeria (Debit/Credit)

Running Facebook ads with Nigeria debit and credit cards had been a serious challenge among many Internet marketers.

And this might be as a result of the restrictions on our Naira cards.


Hpwever some Facebook accounts with PayU still run ads smoothly,  even without dollar cards, here in Nigeria.

I’ve written series of posts in this regard,  but here is the list of cards that you must work with.



  1. UBA Africard
  2. Access bank Visa card

  3. Firstbank Visagold card

  4.  Dollar Mastercard (domiciliary)

  5. Payoneer Mastercard*

All these cards can be used to pay FB in dollars, and if you have PayU on your ads account,  you might love to be billed directly in Naira.


How to get Dollar Cards in Nigeria

Tobget the option 4, just walk into any of the banks and ask for more details about getting the card.


Or click here  to learn how to open a domiciliary acount in Nigeria


Moreso,  easiest ones to get are the UBA africard and Access bank visa card


About the  Payoneer card; it has not been my thing while running ads on Facebok. so I can’t provide a lot of details about it than the fact that it work.


But if any of the cards has been an aid for you, feel free to leave a comment below, to help others run ads without stress.



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