2 types of Hosting Plans that Most Developers Hide from Clients

Hosting plans come in shapes and sizes, and it’s one of the truths that most web developers withhold from their clients; although not a norm.

In my own business life (as a web developer), I consider truth as an essential toll for building bigger businesses, and I share everything that can make the other man excel.


Hosting plans can make or totally criple your job as a blogger, site owner or a business person who have considered building site for his/her products or services.


In this post, we are going to explore the two types of hosting plans, and how they can affect your businesses.


Here are the hosting Plans:


#1. The Shared Hosting Plan


Typically used for low traffic sites that don’t need many resources.

Shared Hosting is an affordable option that splits resources between neighboring sites.



#2. The Business Hosting

A dedicated resource is perfect for a site that uses a lot of bandwidth for pictures and videos.

With Business Hosting, your site performance isn’t impacted by others and is less likely to have outages.

All plans include unmetered traffic, unlimited databases and dedicated resources.





Both hosting plans still come in shapes and in sizes; as some business plans are bigger than the other. On the same note, some shared hosting plans are larger than the other.

So, while considering hosting options for your blogs, websites and portal, endeavor to look into the nature of the hosting plans you’re paying for.


I want you to take a look at these plans used by one of my clients:

This is a Godaddy Shared hosting Plan, but still have other options to chose from.

Hosting plans to build oon


Now, consider the Business Hosting Plans as well.

They, as I’ve shared it, come in shapes and sizes


Business Hosting Plans to Chose from


I want you to be wiser, from today, and always ask questions whenever you’re offered a help with regards hosting a website; to avoid delays and site crash-down.



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