6 Reasons to Consider Blogging For your Fashion Career in 2018

The last time I shared about blogging, quite a number of readers enjoyed the insights. But there is a reason why I’ve channeled this piece to every Fashion Designer in the house.
I don’t want to start from talking about what a blog is all about. Iv’e said a lot already on Facebook and other platforms.
And God will bear me witness, that most mentors here have echoed the need to get visible. In fact, visibility is the real soul of every business.
Without wasting much time, let’s look into the reason why I’m recommending blogs for your Businesses in 2018.
We are not here to scare anyone aware with programming or other web terminologies.

Here are the reasons why you need a blog as a Fashion Designer 

The Awareness

Thousands near you search for the ‘best designers’ on the internet, on daily basis.
And I’m pretty sure that if a blog could fetch us (without tangible products online), it will shower you month many paying clients.
Building regular and consistent content and publishing out to your social channels will create a lasting awareness for your brand.
But it has a formula. That is creating content that is valuable to your audience whether it be “how-to”, tips, expert advice, highlighting your products through lifestyle content, or a blend of content types.
Using your blog to solve the needs of your audience will equally result into a great tool for driving traffic into your own venture.

The Traffic

Great contents will engage your audience through multi-media (such as your descriptive videos, photos or even podcast), and will also take the advantage of the keywords.
And this is an edge over every of competition in your fashion line.

Your Audience

People go online to find solution to their problems.
Offering this valuable to your audience can make your audience a community around your content.
And they show this through comment, like, share, and talk to one another about their thoughts around the content.
You may be even more creative, by adding more tactics such like hashtags (such as my #WebFactory) and other social channels.
Many people will definitely talk about your business.

Your Expertise

A beautiful colour in a very dark corner is defined as a wink in the dark.
No one sees it.
No matter how astonishing they would’ve been.
Showoff your great work to the world.
Let them know how good you are, how your designs are so fabulous, and visualize it through photos and video content.
Fashion audiences love an inside look into the brands and especially when they get to become a special part of the experience.
Like I’ve said earlier, fashion is an addictive commodity. It’s even cherished by the poor.
You need to harness any creative tool within you, to bring out the best from your hustles.

Follow Up

They will follow you, and just as much as you will be in touch with those dudes and divas you’ve attended to.
If you continue to put consistent effort into your content, diversifying it, targeting it, and making it a part of who your fashion brand is, and then the following is only steps away.
Just because I’m developing sites and writing about it, I’ve gained over 4k email list. We have conversational and I tell them about my latest products (through the email)
You too can.
You can start creating contents, and collecting contacts from people who admire, buy or tell other about you.

Blogging Pays

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This is My last Words

1. A blog helps people find your fashion business on the web
2. A blog keeps people excited and engaged
3. A blog gives you customer insight
4. A good blog will help you make more money

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