5 Die-hard Reasons to Consider Blogging Skills; as Alternatives to Jobbing

Blogging skills are actually some of the best online alternatives to job-hunting; and a cool way to make money online.

And in Nigeria, it is a very big earning source for candidates that learn the hacks and dynamics of the profession, very well.

So, on this post, I’ll be sharing some of the reasons why every unemployed youth should consider blogging as a skill/profession (and not just a passive income stream)


However, there might be many other reasons to take blogging very serious; but we can learn a lot with starting with these few:


5 Die-hard Reasons to Consider Blogging Skills; as Alternative to Job-Hunting

There is something I want you to note here; blogging is just part of the amazing blogging skills. That’s why some bloggers still consult for other bloggers, and also the reason why a blogger can pay another blogger for some blogging services.

There is no limit to what an expert can do in a filed, but let’s look into the beautiful offers:



#1. The Need to Know

Bloggers will continue to remain relevant because there no end to human curiosity; the need to know.


People, on daily basis, search through the web for assorted information. And through the search Engines, they are automatically redirected to bloggers’ pages.

In order words, a good blog is a collection of series of solutions to internet users’ problems, and needs.


  1. For instance; there is always a need to source for current news and other information on the internet.
  2. There will never be a time when the internet will be saturated
  3. And even in difficult times, people look for solutions on the internet.

So, the web is growing to be the best information portal for education, business and even religion.

Meanwhile, there are still other unidentified niches for blogging, where youths can explore, create contents to gain authority in solving problems.

And with the right blogging skills, bloggers can create amazing impacts, to earn in many desired currencies.




#2. The Earning Currencies

Some reasons; being that most of the monetization alternatives (i.e. those ways people make money through blogging is in foreign currencies)

And when evaluated with the poor status of Nigerian Naira, you’ll find out that blogging is one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria (with the present economic situations)

Take for instance; some of us earn more than 400$ from single marketing platform on our blogs, in a month. And coupled with some other monetization options, one can earn more than most civil servants in Africa (through blogging)


What I’m trying to say is that blogging is a lucrative JOB.


#3. Blogging Sells

Blogging is the biggest hack to reaching multiple audience in a shorter and cheaper cost.


With a good blog, you can promote your content, ideas and opinions across thousands of internet users on daily basis.

In other words, the right blogging skills sell the owner to measures that can’t be achieved without traditional marketing strategies.




#4. Blogging Isn’t Difficult


This is another core advantage!


Unlike some other skills we teach on the internet, blogging isn’t hard to comprehend, start and build contents. And with the right mentorship, an aspiring blogger can start creating serious income through blogs in just two months.

All it requires is the understanding; and willingness to create the right content for the right audience.



#5. Blogging is Cheap to Startup

With just about 45,000 (Naira), one can design and host a big blog with the right hand and stand better chances of earning 100 folds in few months.

Note: Blogging is in categories and the ability to earn money depends on your strategies, your understanding of your audience and your ability to deliver.


So, what are you waiting for?


Get the right Blogging insight, and start making money






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