Campus Guide: 7 Great Keys To Staying Alive In School

If it has ever been in doubt that staying alive as you pursue a degree in a Nigerian university is very hard work.
Earlier last year, Oluchi Anekwe, a brilliant female student  of the University of Lagos (UNILAG) died. If public opinion is anything to go by, she was a first
class student in the making. Her pictures show that she was extremely beautiful. A beautiful first class student to be is a very interesting package. Yet she died, unceremoniously and painfully. All her
efforts to the exemplary student went to waste. They couldn’t keep her alive.
So, staying alive while pursuing excellence in a Nigerian institutions of learning is a big deal, a tough nut that can only be cracked with diligence, being alert always, some amount of luck, a dash of hope and plenty of prayer.
  Well, funny as all that may sound, it is true. How do you explain the case of UNILAG’s Anekwe who was electrocuted on the school’s street, Miss Kelechi Precious of the University of Port
Harcourt (UNIPORT) who slumped in her hostel, Kolawole Fatai Morenikeji of the Ladoke Akintola, University of Technology (LAUTECH) who slumped while playing football and Mayowa Alaran of the
University of Ibadan (UI) who also slumped while watching a football match? Today, we will briefly discuss 7 survival tips needed to stay alive:
1 . Always be observant wherever you go on or off campus – This is one thing that applies to everyone student or not. Students often let down their guards while in the campus, which is nobody’s
home. That is why nobody will report a naked live wire jutting out of a wall somewhere, or a building that seems ready to collapse. If one of the students
had reported the sparking cables at UNILAG, Oluchi could be alive. If the University of Benin student had watched the road well before crossing, she
could be alive too.
2.  Always watch where and what you eat – Food poisoning is a major problem in Nigerian institutions because many of the restaurants students visit are unhealthy. The cooking environments, the cutlery and even the food themselves can lead to food poisoning. That is why many students suffer running stomach and are
always visiting toilets. So watch what you eat. If your university allows cooking, cultivate the habit of making your own food.
3. Always let the medical personnel know of any medical issue you have – if you have an existing medical condition, please let the staff at the clinic know. Don’t wait until you fall ill suddenly or slump like the UNIPORT, UI or LAUTECH cases. These students had existing issues and probably kept it locked inside.
4 . Always have your ID card with you – This may sound funny, but we must have noticed that some of the cases mentioned above died while Identity
Card issued were being sorted out, allegedly. So maybe Alaran of UI might still be alive if he had his ID.
5.  Always check in to the clinic whenever you feel anything strange in your body – Students have this terrible habit of waiting until an ailment had killed off their motor functions before visiting the
clinic. They forget that the earlier a case is reported, the better. You should go to the clinic when you feel the first headache, not when you start seeing blood in your urine or you can see
6 . Always find time to rest – Rest is never too much. Forget about the pressure of assignment and lectures and get your brain rested. The truth is that your body deteriorates if it doesn’t get rested. On
the other hand, it regenerates if rested. What is the point in studying hard and then collapsing in the exam hall? Some of the students who slumped are actually fatigued and their bodies simply shut
7 . Always avoid confrontation with cultists – Authorities may shy away from the truth, but most students know that cultists are a major threat to their safety. It is better to stay out of the way of
known trouble makers, whether or not they are confirmed cultists or not.
Staying alive is up to you, otherwise, we may soon be adding new names to the list of students who died unfortunate and preventable deaths in their
Also, learning basic First Aid skills can help you and those around you.
Stay blessed.

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