How you Can Verify your USA and UK AdSense without Stress

Verifying Foreign AdSense Accounts, such as USA and UK AdSense might tend to be a challenge at first. But when you look at the procedures here, you’ll understand that it’s one of the easiest things t do as a blogger.

Before, AdSense was easier, and their approval was as simple as anything. But a time came, and as a result of the need to make faster money, a lot of bloggers went into the scheme.

And because of some dubious and AdSense policy violating tactics, the team hardened the screening processes to make the platform more lucrative.

Now, there is a reason for UK and USA AdSense accounts for countries with lesser chances of getting approval.


There is a reason for UK and USA AdSense

Because when most of us started blogging, with just some copy and paste texts on your blog, you could get your AdSense approved in the next two days.

Without wasting any time.


But I don’t want to make this post very long; irrespective of the fact that I’d have wanted to share a lot of AdSense tips here.

Let’s go into the real essence of clicking this link.


How to Verify UK or a USA Google AdSense.


Step 1

You need a UK address where Google

will send your verification PIN to. If you have  friend in Uk  who can send the PIN to you.


Step 2

You have to Register with and they will generate an address from the country you registered with which is UK.



Step 3

Enter the virtual address which was generated to your Google AdSense that is where your verification PIN will be sent to.


Step 4

Shoptomydoor will communicate to you via mail or give you call when you get the mail from google AdSense. You then have to make payment before they will ship the mail to Nigeria address where you can receive it and then verify your AdSense account.


Step 5

Payment can be done via your Nigerian ATM card MasterCard, Visa etc. are also accepted.


Still on How to Verify UK or a USA Google AdSense.



Travelingmailbox is one of the good ones to use in receiving your pin and it has worked for my friend. As soon as your PIN arrive the given address, it will be scanned to your inbox.

Before they scan your pin and send it to you, they will request for ID card.


They won’t tell you what ID card they need but after your parcel arrives, you will be asked to fill a form (I have forgotten the name of the form). The form contains your details and you will be asked to upload two ID cards, before they proceed.


  1. is a new way I found out but I have not tried them out. You can google more about them and also contact them on their site to know more things about their services.


I strongly believe that with this info you will and can be able to verify your USA or UK AdSense account. This is the end of the tutorial on how to verify your UK or USA AdSense account from Nigeria.


The Ultimate Formulary

To most of the people I’ve assisted with their UK and USA AdSense Verification; I utilized the friends and families I have in those countries, as the surest alternative to verifying your AdSense accounts from any country in the world.


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