Cooking Gas Business: How to Startup and Make Good Money

Cooking gas business is one of the most lucrative mini venture in most densely populated areas of Nigeria. And in this post, we’ll learn how to startup and start earning from your hustles.

The use of Gas for cooking in urban areas has become more popular than the old kerosene among households in Nigeria. And, just like they say, it’s an addictive products that can help a young entrepreneurs surmount a financial challenge in Nigeria.

But before we delve into the simple ways of getting the gas, selling and taking profits; we should learn the few places you can make money from selling your gas.


Why are you reading this?

If you’ve been following our blog, we are more interested in those lucrative businesses with little capital demands for startups. And apart from working online, there ways students, fathers and even ladies can create businesses from simple household needs.



Where to Sell Cooking Gas and Make Money

Reselling Cooking gas is one of the most legit businesses than can keep the bod y and ould together

This is because, like I said, it is regularly demanded by homes and firms. And also, it is a very affordable type of business.

When you look around things in most African countries, the need for cooing gas is on the increase for our campus hostels, homes and even shops. These needs energy cook their foods and other light uses.

So, going into cooking gas business is going to be the order of the day as kerosene [sometime] get so hyped that people end up hungry.

I mean very soon.  And I don’t like to preach about that too much.



What it takes to Venture into Gas Reselling Business

It’s a simple business. And anyone [including ladies can creatively engage in it]

All that is required is a one-time bulky purchase of the product, with proper storage. You may then retail it to customers in small quantities.



How to Start Cooking Gas Reselling Business

Now, let us think of your location, the number of people that might be in demands and how to get it across.

So, we are going to think of the simple procedure to stating the gas selling business in Nigeria and any other African country.


#1. Chose a Good Locations

Selling gas for people’s consumptions, you must have something in your mind. But it’s going to be disastrous to site your shop close to a gas refilling plant.

Nobody will patronize you. And you know what that means; that is not a form of business venture.

The siting of cooking gas business is as important as the business itself.

You can’t just cite it anyhow or anywhere.

Sometime, government approval is required before citing cooking gas business in Nigeria.

So, I don’t know about your country.

On this note, you will be guided to put in place necessary measures to curtail incidents of gas flare, explosion and fire outbreak.

Note: cooking gas business is to be located far away from residential and industrial areas.


#2.  Source for Funds to Start

This is the simple truth. It’s not free and you must know that. There is no business that doesn’t require capital for startup.

Startup capital is needed to buy bulk quantities of cooking gas from cooking gas depot in bulk at a cheaper rate. This would subsequently be sold to clients in smaller quantities for your profit.

If you want to make the best out of this business, you will need to combine cooking gas refill and sales of cylinders and accessories. But, start with what you have, and keep expanding as the more money comes into the business.


The Needed Capital

This should be your little assignment.

It’s obvious that the little kiosk that delivers cooking gas reselling business to school hostel in Nigeria or a man that sells gas along a major road,  will not be of the same capital with a guy that want to set up a mini plant that can serve a larger community.

So, go into the market for the precise pricing and targeting.

#3. Plan your Business Very Well

Don’t just read this piece and jump into the business. You need time to marshal out the necessary plans and critically think about your businesses.

When I said planning, some of the things I mean includes the cost of running the business, location and alternative market advancement and the right approaches to executing your plans.

Also, think of the risk that might come up.



#4. Install Your Equipment

Smaller reselling gas plants may not even need much. But I still recommend the assistance of an expert, if you’re not learned enough to do the fixing.

Unless you are knowledgeable in the workability of the devices, it is risky to tamper with the equipment during installation.

Note: Phones are advised to be turned off, to avoid sparks and dangers of radiation.

As a result of the inflammable nature of cooking gas, and the hazard it predisposes to the environment, it is advised that necessary insurance cover be sought to forestall explosion and fire outbreak.

Although this business is quite lucrative, it can equally land the operator in if necessary step is not taken. Quality insurance cover would offer casualties of cooking gas explosions with necessary compensation.

The importance of insurance in cooking gas business cannot be overemphasized. Remember, when your business gets insured, you are also insured.



#5. Get Proper Business Name Registration


You may not need when you are only reselling on a small scale.

However, after you’ve acquired a space for your cooking gas business, and all of the above it is advisable to give your business a unique name.

Remember: the need for the business name depends on the scale you intent to venture for.

For Nigerian: You need to proceed to Cooperate Affairs Commission office [CAC] and get your business name registered. Keep the cooking gas business name simple and short.

But I don’t know how to get my business name registered.

Don’t worry about that. You start reading how to register your business here.



6# Patronize ads

You need to advertise your cooking gas business

If you are running a large scale business, small scale or even medium scale, there is always a set of audience for you.

So, let them hear you.


Cooking gas business moves at a very fast pace but the potential customers ought to have heard about yours.

The secret is to make your own cost affordable.

You can go about this by designing graphics posters and pasting across the street, roads and shopping centers where the people are most likely to gather.


And you are good to go.



I’m pretty sure that this is not the only things you need to know before starting up a gas reselling in your locality. You need to know more about the business premises and other forms of regulations that may be applied.

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