Do You Know, TrueCaller Is Sharing Your Phone’s Activity

Sometimes, we only care for the services or reasons for downloading certain application. Without considering other aspects of the app. This has been going on for more than a months now, and in case you’ve not known, TrueCaller does this to your activities on case you don't know Truecaller shares your phones activities

Truecaller reveals the last time your phone was used to your contacts. For instance, I can view the “Last Seen” time of any contact that also has Truecaller installed. Not, it is not the last time you used the app itself like WhatsApp, but your actual device. Plus, it does this without notifying you.

But if you don’t like other people having access to this information, the best thing to do is delete the application OR on a better means, stop background applications running on your phone.

 For iPhone, go to Settings and then General, select “Background App Refresh” and look for TrueCaller. Then, simply turn off the green-colored switch.

For Android, go to the Apps menu in Settings, select True Caller and tap “Data usage.” Then, tap the three-dot menu button, select “Restrict Background Data,” and confirm.

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