Facebook Face Recognition Updates with 6 Amazing Features

Facebook Face Recognition has amazing Features that you might love to access, and just this morning, I got few updates with features that I want to share with you.

I will be leaving the messages, just as I received from Facebook, to instate the clarity of the team’s purpose.


Introducing Face Recognition for More Features


Hi Valentine, we’re always working to make Facebook better, so we’re adding more ways to use face recognition besides just suggesting tags. For example, face recognition technology can do things like:

• Find photos you’re in but haven’t been tagged
• Help protect you from strangers using your photo
• Tell people with visual impairments who’s in your photo or video

You control face recognition. This setting is on, but you can turn it off any time, which applies to features we may add later.

-The Facebook Team


But here are few thing they made me know about the Facebook face recognition updates



Face Recognition Settings

To recognize whether you’re in a photo or video our system compares it with your profile picture, and photos and videos that you’re tagged in. This lets us know when you’re in other photos and videos so we can create better experiences. Learn more.

Face Recognition


Do you want Facebook to be able to recognize you in photos and videos?



The Importance of Facebook Face Recognition

We use face recognition technology so we can offer features that do things like:


#1. let you tag people quickly and easily




#2. help protect you from strangers using a photo of you as their profile picture

#3. help people with visual impairments by telling them who’s in a photo or video

#4. and let you know when you might appear in photos or videos, but haven’t been tagged.


#5. You’ll only be notified about photos that you’re in the audience for.



#6. To figure out if you’re in a photo or video, our system compares it with an analysis of photos and videos; such as your profile picture and photos and videos that you’re tagged in.



How Do I Set My Facebook Face Recognition?

You are just a click away from the setting. Navigate to the ‘Setting’ Side of your Facebook Account.


You can control face recognition in your settings. Go to More.


How to Try the Facebook face Recognition Setting

Tap the Privacy Shortcuts


How to Set Up Facebook Recognition


Select  More Settings 

Click on ‘Face Recognition’


And now, what seems like the last step to setting up your Facebook Face recognition.

Tap as it is said in the picture below:


The Final Stage to setting up the Facebook Recognition

Select Yes if you want to let Facebook recognize you in photos and videos.

Select No if you don’t want to let Facebook recognize you in photos and videos.



Note: You can turn the setting on or off at any time, which will also apply to any features we add later.

And however, you should also not that Face recognition technology may not be available to everyone.


You can  Take the Privacy Checkup Now!


I hope this article helps!


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