18 Free Startup Tool Every Entrepreneur Must Know


There are many  free Entrepreneur tools than can  make your work simpler and faster without having to pay anything.

But it’s possible you’ve not heard or come across some of them.

However, it doesn’t matter the industry you are trading from. what matter is that it will help you deliver the task and make your schedule an achieved ones.




Here are some of the tools to consider:



1. WordPress

WordPress is a is a popular blogging platform . It is free and very easy to use, requiring only the most basic computer skills to create and maintain. Plus, it allows you to add pictures, photos and content to make your website look like you hired an expensive webmaster.

A web entrepreneurs and a blogger can make use of this free tool for creating and scheduling posts for their blogs and social timelines.


2. Startup Stash

A curated directory of resources and tools to help you build your startup.  As an entrepreneur, Startup Stash will help you in : Idea generation, Naming Domain names, Hosting, Market research, Forms & Surveys and tons of other startup needs.




3. Square Space Logo

Use this for basic logos done instantly. It’s helpful during hackathons or Startup Weekends.Sometimes, I even create clients’ logo from there. It depends on what they need.

And as an entrepreneur, the free tools will help you represent your ideas in clean and premium logo design without having to pay any designer.

With it’s friendly user interface, you can just enter your company logo and start the designs without disturbances:



4. Shake

Here you can find free legal agreements. You can create, sign and send legally binding agreements in seconds. It’s effective and simple to use.


5. The Name App

A free name generator. Search for domains and social profiles for your startup. Helpful when first starting and trying to come up with a strong web presence.


6. Content Idea Generator

This helps you figure out content ideas. I love this tool to help get my creativity flowing. Check it out. Though it has some features like the Google trend, they have different purposes. But I still recommend Google trend for web entrepreneurs.

You might want to learn how to use Google Trend Here

7. Pablo by Buffer

Design engaging images for your social media posts for free. It’s super quick and easy to use.


8. Stock Snap.io

Go here for free beautiful stock photos. We use then while designing websites for clients. It has amazing free images that beatifies the sites you see.


9. Freebbble

This site features more than 1,000 high quality designs made by Dribbble users. Most are editable and can be used for web or mobile. Such an awesome collection.



10. Type Form

There’s a free plan for creating surveys, forms, payment forms, etc. With this tool, font can easily be displayed on the web and obiles in a more fascinating ways.


11. SumoMe

Everyone uses SumoMe now to grow traffic. It’s great for building lists, heat maps, popup email boxes, etc.


12. Awesome Screenshot

This sites makes screenshots simple and it allows you to mark up the images as well. The site says it’s “the easiest way to communicate with images.”


13. Skype

Skype allows you to use your computer and Internet connection to talk to anyone in the world for as long as you want free of charge. Hook an inexpensive camera up to your computer and you can hold video-conferences with colleagues and clients.



14. Bright Journey

Do you want insider information on how to succeed from some of the world’s most famous entrepreneurs but never seem to run into them at the laundromat or grocery?

Bright Journey is the website for you. The platform warehouses a tons of  startup knowledge from some of the most successful entrepreneurs you will never meet in real life.

The website offers you a chance to post questions to a big group of award-winning business minds. Users vote for the best answers, which then appear at the top of the page.


And I’m pretty sure you want to be a successful entrepreneur. That means you will give these free tools a try.


15. Template Stash –Curated collection of best free themes & website templates

16. NoDesk –A curated collection of resources for the digital nomad

17. Always Learning –The best resources for learning programming and design

18. Content Marketing –Stack A curated directory of content marketing resources



These, of course, are not the only free tools that can be accesses by any entrepreneur. It’s just a compilation of the list we’ve probably made use of . You can also add or suggest for more entrepreneurs, using the comment box below:

But if you have entrepreneurs on your comment box, do well and share this post, suing the social icons below. They will be thankful for this info.


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