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Ultimate Cycler is a site, that is built by the people, for the people. you can make your own money by bringing people to register under your referral link and make your cool #50,000 Naira in a day or two days, only serious people that is willing to make payment. let me show you how it works. Ultimate Cycler only accept people that is ready to make payment and ready to invite people. The amount to open Ultimate Cycler account and to become a qualified member is #12,500 Naira, this Amount can be paid to an active member, who will activate your account and grant you access to this site and it will start working on your account like other members. If you create Ultimate Cycler account it will not work when you click on anything, unless you paid in between 48 hours your account will be activated by a member that is qualified, this member that will activate your account for you can be your referral or someone ex, if your not able to make payment between 48 hours your account will be deleted. That’s why it is for serious members.
Your cycle consist of those people that you bring under your referral link, that is willing to grow the cycle so that money will follow in everyday. Your cycle can be up to 4 active member’s, that bring people also to grow the cycle, that’s why it is called Built by the people and for the people. if you have up to 4 active member under your referral it is enough to pay you #50,000 naira everyday, if those member’s brings 4 people like you as well the cycle will continue to grow. if a member in your cycle is not able to bring anyone in the cycle you can help the member to register an active member under his/her account to make money follows everyday in the cycle. To grow an active cycle needs wiliness to contribute to each member that those not have anyone under his/her referral link that’s why we have create this facebook page to help someone that is not willing to bring anyone to get four active member that is willing to bring people to register under his account to grow the cycle. when you join our cycle you will receive your #50,000 naira everyday. 4 active member’s is Enough to grow your cycle, all you need to do is to make sure that everyone in your cycle receive 4 member that is willing to make payment.
You can receive your money from 4 members, these 4 members will pay you #12,500 each, that will give you #50,000 Naira. These members mostly can be those that you referred under your account, few of those people that you bring.
(4) How Can I get Paid (#50,000) after referring 4 people
It will take you two weeks to get your #50,000 naira, if people that you’re under there cycle is moving very well, that’s why this is based on people that are willing to bring people to register under their referral link or people that are ready to convince others for the money to spread fast. After getting your first #50,000 you will not be able to do another #50,000 naira again, because you don’t have any active member under your account, Is better for you to bring active member under your referral link account to avoid losing money in the cycle to someone else in another cycle.
(5) I am Afraid Of Investing In Ultimate Cycler. What do I do?

you don’t have to be afraid to put your money in Ultimate Cycler. I’m here to guide you, on how it works and to register you under organized Cycle that money follows around every day. Student makes a lot of money through ultimate cycler than anyone else.

Reasons: they build stronger cycle that help their money being paid earlier than others. This is why it is necessary to begin with the cycle that is more trusted.


You can contact me to help you register under a good and organized referral link cycle that money follows and you can bring people under that your referral link to build a very good cycle. Help people to make money by having only 4 active member and help another member under your referral link to have his/her own referral link built with 4 active member. Make your money while the show is still on. Never let the fear of failing deprive you this ample opportunity.
I’m a member of MMM, but when I discovered  ULTIMATE CYCLER did not hesitate to join, though not leaving the money making machine.
Register with the below link and get paid in 48 hour


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