How I pay For Facebook Ads with Nigerian Credit Card (Foreign Denominated)

It was a case of either I get my ads running again or quit blogging. Paying for Facebook ads, and other online products and services became very difficult, as a result from the ban placed on our local cards here in Nigeria. Before getting to this point, I had tried many alternatives (cards) but to no avail.But today, you will know How I got my ads running again.

What Is Facebook Ads?

Advertisement is a bridge to location. Just like Google AdSense, Adword, and other means of online advertisements, Facebook ads stands as one of those good means of taking your products and services to your potential audience. When you pay for Facebook ads [known as Boosting, Site Promotion or Simply Digital Marketing], your products or services will get to so many audience, that you wouldn’t have reached to, as a regular Facebook user. As a blogger Facebook boosting helped me with reaching to over 40% of my total readers. This can also be applied to any kind of business you are running.

How I got My FirstBank Visa Prepaid Card Running

Initially, I read some articles on NairaLand, that Facebook was accepting payments in Naira (this might be true) but I tried it with my cards from almost 4 Banks here, but could not get the ads running. Though some factors were responsible for the inability.

I went straight to opening up a domiciliary account (in Dollars), after speaking with one of the customer care representative, who advised me to get my account opened in Dollars. I was presented with the requirements, which include a valid means of identification (thank God I have an international passport), a prove of location (residence utility), and the minimum value of $100.

How Long Does It Take?

It depends on the branch and their facilities, but I opened the Domiciliary account same day, and received my Visa Prepaid card in the following 5 working days. Like I said earlier, it depends on the bank branch.

What Next?

After the card was activated (changing the ATM and iPin,), I rushed home, tried the ads again but this time it is properly working.

So if you are still experiencing any kind of difficulty, setting up your ads, feel free to ask me some question here

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