Trusted Payment Gateways to Easily Cash Out Online and Receive Money Aboard.

Every work on the internet requires reputable payment gateways to cash your money. And aside PayPal there are so many other reliable payment systems that will help you send money abroad or receive money directly into your bank accounts.


Who Needs a Payment Gateway?

But there are many kinds of people that may need these payment gateways for their money online or abroad. And they may include:


  1. People whose family or friends live abroad
  2. Freelancers that work online
  3. e-commerce Website owners and
  4. Social media marketers (and I mean those that sell stuffs online)
  5. Bloggers
  6. Affiliate marketing agents and publishers

But if you’ve not found a means of making money on the internet, join our online community. You will learn how to start turning your passion into profit.



If you already sell something online, or work for people living in other countries, there is always a time when you will need a good means of cashing out your money.

It might be through the web or over the phone, but these payment gateways we’ve listed will surely be the greatest aid to hustle with, in this global community.

And here you are, to know the possible means of getting your cash without having to visit the bank or call a customer care.


And based on several questions we’ve received over the years, we’ve been looking for trusted means of getting paid through some of the virtual assistance jobs and other means of making money online.


For ecommerce site owners, individual freelancers, affiliate marketers, and any other forms of online transaction, I have compiled a list of most trusted online payment systems to cash out your money from any platform.


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When do you Use a Payment Gateway to cash out Money Online

Payment Gateways are necessary in that they are the best means through which anyone can cash out money through online platforms, and receive money freely from foreign countries.

And it’s not for special kinds of people.

Individuals, corporate organizations and ecommerce stores are all in need of trusted payment gateways to cash out their money online.

For instance; if you are earning money through a referral gram, Survey Sites or even through your CPC platforms and Bitcoins, you need a mean to cash the money into your local bank accounts.

If you live abroad, and needs a cheaper means of sending money home, this post will be a great aid to your transactions.

These are how the needs come into play.


For Developers and owners of ecommerce stores, there is a need to integrate a payment system into your site in order to get paid for your products and services- you need a payment gateways.

This will help you get your payment directly from clients and customers, by just felling the right information through the payment systems.


I believe that after reading this post, you will no longer Google ‘how can I cash out my money’ from any platform you might be working with.



Which Payment system should I use to Cash my Money online?


We all asked the same question.

But if that has been your burden, you don’t need to worry again.

Although we’re not going to be recommending any system for you, there are so many options to choose depending on the platforms you are operating from.




Trusted Payment Systems to Easily Cash Out Online and Receive Money Aboard

Here are some of these Trusted Payment Gateways to Cash Your Money Online that you might want to give a try:



Note: I’m only a blogger, and an online business expert, but have no affiliation with any of these payment systems and or their owners. I suggested based on my experience. Some of the claims here are subject to further amendment or total removal.






Here are the online gateways that can help you cash out your money from many selected platforms, through which people make money online:



#1. Skrill

Before, Skrill was known as Moneybookers. It is one of the best alternatives to Paypal that are available to Nigerians and some other countries in the world.

And it’s mode of operations is just like PayPal. It allows you to send and receive payment.

Skrill also allows you upload money from your Nigerian Bank accounts to be used through any system that accepts it as a means of payment.

Why I recommend this payment system to my Nigerian readers is due to the recent limitations in dollar and other foreign currency transactions.

Simply transfer your fund from any platform into the system and then move it into your Nigerian Bank account at will.

And as an online user, I believe you can find your way around while signing up and cashing out your money through this platforms.

Note: You will be required to verify your account before you can be allowed access to the full features of your Skrill account.


#2. Western Union Money Transfer

Online business people receive and make payment of money through Western Union all over the world.

Freelancers who have caring agents use Western Union as their best alternative to PayPal anywhere, and even in Nigeria.

Note:You must have a valid means of identification (such as an international passport, national identity card, or drivers’ license) before you can receive payments. And, of course, make the best out of Western Union and cash out your money with ease.


However, due to the level of charges involved, Western Union may not be considered the best alternative for small businesses and individual merchants.

But a sure way to cash out your money from any part of the world.


#3. Payoneer

With Payoneer MasterCard, Nigerian can make transfer from and to any currency in the world.

So far, this has been the best option for Nigerians.

With the Payoneer debit MasterCard, you can receive payment from freelance job sites, affiliate networks, individuals, and reputable companies.
And you can cash out your money through any ATM, Bank transfer and other means you can think of.

And there are two things involved in getting your Payoneer MasterCard in Nigeria:

For freelancers (these include those that are into: writing, web design, programming, SEO, graphics design, virtual assistance, translation, etc.) or affiliate marketing, they can request the card through the freelance outsourcing site or affiliate network you want to work with.

And Elance, Odesk, Freelancer, Markethealth, and Fiverr are examples of Payoneer partners through which you can request and get your Payoneer MasterCard in Nigeria.


The second, and of course, the best option is to simply visit the Payoneer’s website and request for your card directly.

When the support have confirmed your request, you’ll be sent an email informing you of the shipment as well as the expected delivery date.

And depending on your location, it might take up to a month to be delivered to your doorstep, in Nigeria.

The Payoneer card allows you to receive direct payment from freelance sites and affiliate networks. Also, individuals can load funds directly to your card from another credit/debit card.

Once you have the funds on your card, you’ll get an email notification from Payoneer, and you can withdraw your funds instantly from any ATM that processes Mastercard-issued cards.



#4. Cheque

For affiliate marketers who might be working (or intend to)   for platforms like |Amazon affiliate Google AdSense, and others, cheque is a great way to cash out your money, (note that Amazon pays directly to Payoneer cards,).


This is also a cool option for freelancer and a sure ways you can receive or send money abroad.

On request of payment (from the company or individual you’re dealing with), a US cheque (check) would be sent to your mailing address, and you can get your cash at any Nigerian bank or any residence country.

However, it might take weeks to receive your money abroad through cheque or even cash out online through the same process.

That might also be a reason why it’s not suitable for urgent payments.

To receive funds via cheques, you must have a domiciliary account (an international banking account that can be used for sending and receiving payments worldwide).





It’s easy and simple to open a domiciliary account in Nigeria or any other country in the world but you must have a valid means of identification (international passport, drivers’ license, or national ID card) and other requirements (which vary depending on the bank).


All you need it to; visit any bank to make enquiries on opening a domiciliary account.


But if you don’t know or have a running domiciliary account, I’ve made a posts that will guide you here:

3 Simplest Ways to Open a Domiciliary Account in Nigeria


Note:  Transaction charges apply to cheques, and it may vary from bank to bank.


WARNING: Listen carefully: You must use a valid mailing address. If your address cannot be traced easily, you may lose your cheque.


#5. Bank Wire Transfer

Wire transfer has been my ultimate means of cashing out money online and receiving payment from abroad.

In fact, my foreign clients prefer a simpler means like wire transfer.

But here in Nigeria, you need a Domiciliary account to see that work, owing to the ban on certain foreign transactions.

Though speedy as it may seem, this payment method is not instant. You may have to wait for days to a few weeks before receiving your funds.

And this, of course, is the best for everyone earning through the web.

For bloggers, Wire transfer is the best in terms of Google AdSense, and other affiliate marketing programs.


#6. 2Checkout

Formerly, this was known as 2CO, and it  allows you to integrate a payment system on your website or blog. So, if you sell products or render services online, this option is for you.

Just visit and register. (Note that you’ll be charged an application fee of $10.) It takes a few days to get your account approved (they need to confirm that your business is credible).

Upon approval, your own button will start displaying on your site to accept payment from users all over the world.

When you start using 2CO, you can receive payment from anyone, regardless of the payment method that person chooses (PayPal, credit/debit card, and over 5 others).

The latest development is that you can withdraw your funds from your 2CO account.

Payment is made every Thursday (provided you have up to the minimum release balance) to your PayoneerMastercard, or your bank (domiciliary) account via check or Wire transfer.

Get more information on their FAQ page.


#7. Online Money Transfer Services

You can also receive funds online here in Nigeria through online money transfer companieslike Transferwise and Worldtrust.

These services allow you to receive funds directly into your Nigerian bank account at very low costs.

Using these services is very easy. Simply visit their websites and register. Then follow the directions issued on how to receive your funds. Note that using these services would require that the person sending you the money register with the site.

What this means is that making money online is still very possible, even without PayPal or any technical knowledge on how to cash out your money from web platforms,






Best Payment gateways for E-commerce Developer and Other Web Merchants
#1. PayPal

PayPal is an accident online payment system that accepts payment across so many currencies and throughout different countries in the world.


PayPal is considered of the swiftest means of redeeming process, owing to the fact that it’s easily intertwined with your local banks through debit or credits cards.


You don’t need any form of approval to make use of PayPal, but you must link your card in other to transfer directly to your local bank accounts at the admirable rate.

For E-store Developers, It’s free to use for buyers only. However store owners will have to pay a simple transition fees of “3.4% + $0.30 USD”, when using PayPal for credit card payments. The best part is that you only need to pay after making a sale.

However, PayPal does not require any setup fees, gateway fees, or monthly fees. Around 341,497 Internet sites use PayPal payment gateway.


#2. Western Union

Choosing Western Union as a means of getting your payment online is dependent on the nature of work and the payment preferences of the payers.

It’s a payment system that has global recognition, but most online business do not accept Western Union as a means of payment.

It depends on the client.

#3. Authorize.Net

Founded in 1996, Authorize.Net has come a long way to being known as one of the most sought-after payment gateways. It’s used by over 400,000 merchants worldwide, and is more preferable for ecommerce building.

Net payment gateway – that accepts online payments through credit cards and electronic checks.

However, you must pay the sum of $49 as setup fees with continuous $29 as monthly gateway fees.

For Shopping Carts and Mangento, it has been confirmed that Athorize.Net is the best option.


#4. ChronoPay

ChronoPay is an ideal payment gateway for merchants.

It accepts payments via bank cards (like VISA, American Express, JCB etc.)

And the other side of it is that, you can connect to ChronoPay for free, however you will have to pay a commission based on your monthly turnover.


#5. Paynova

Lately did I know thatPaynova is a Swedish payment processing service, but that is actually far from the reason for posting this.

It’s a cool payment system.

It offers e-retailers with 21 payment options but, you’ll have to sign-up to access its services. It best suits the need of small-size online businesses.

And, of course, this makes is a better option for users that intend creating wealth through the web also.



With this post, you have seen that there are many other ways to cash out your money from the web or receive cash abroad without having to meet any bank for their daily conversion rates.

And I believe there are many more means through which your hustles or gifts can be obtained and that is why I’d to add, in the beginning, that this article is a subject to further updates.



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