How to Pay for Facebook ads with PayPal-Procedures

In this post, I will teach you How to Pay for Facebook ads with PayPal. There are many other means of paying for ads on social media,but when it comes to Facebook, the PayPal option is pretty cool. And if you have ever failed trying to market your product or clients’ business on Facebook, I want you to carefully read this post.


If you are in Nigeria, the good news is that your Business can actually be promoted online without any Domiciliary account.

Last week,my account with a prepaid balance of about $212 , was flagged, while I was trying to sort out issues with the clients’ content I wanted to promote on Facebook. I wanted to contact my friend for assistance, but I had to  wait for the Developers’ response after appealing.


But they never responded.

I was pissed off to a great extent, but that did not prevent me from sending her(my client) some sweet hopes that her ads will run in no distance time.


Meanwhile, failure to get a PayPal account had been a limit, and the reason I created a Dollar denominated account to avoid stories.
But little did l know that I had the solution right in my pocket-and that was my Naira Mastercard.


Last night, I tried the MasterCard again with Paypay and guess what?

The card was accepted to be used in PayPal

Now, I
m faced with the Banks’s rate. but for the meantime, I look forward to running ads in with my Naira Cards again.

Although I had to activate the OTP with the bank. and on this post, how to Pay for Facebook ads with Paypal, I will shed good light on the procedures I passed through to get my ads running.


1. You need to Set Your payment Currency to US Dollar-if you are in Nigeria
This will be to enable paypay make the payment on your behalf in the desired currency. Ensure you set this, else the option will fail to appear on your payment method.
Here we go:
How to make Payment on Facebook using Paypal
2. You Need to add PayPal as your Primary Payment Method
To add PayPal as your primary payment method for Facebook Ads:
  1. Make sure that pop-ups are enabled on your browser.
  2. Click Billing in your Ads Manager and then click Edit Payment Methods.
  3. Click Add Payment Method and select PayPal.
  4. Click Continue. A pop-up window will appear prompting you to log into an existing PayPal account or sign up to create a new PayPal account to link to your ads account.

See image description:


Now you can proceed with adding payment method.


If the currency you want to pay in isn’t accepted by Facebook Ads, you can still make your payment through PayPal in a supported currency. You’ll first need to convert your currency through PayPal to change the balance to a currency that we accept. Please note that you will incur a PayPal currency-conversion fee.
from there you can proceed with placing your ads. But in case you are still finding it difficult, feel free to drop a comment, and I will put you through .

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