How to Reapply for Nigerian Voter’s Card Online

Nigerians are invited to reapply for voter’s cards, for the upcoming elections. This will help you get your instant PVC without having to wait on any queue. 

Applicants are allowed to re-apply for the INEC Voter’s Card on the condition that the information on the previously issued card will be deleted entirely from the voter’s registration databases.


It’s very easy and simple. Only click on the links below ton apply for your cards.



Do you want a better Nigeria?

If you have not enrolled for your Voter’s card before. Please find your way to the Nearest INEC Office for your own PVC. Your Vote is your Mouth.


Why Should Reapply For Voter’s Card?

Re-applying Online for the Voter’s Card will help you know the following:

know their eligibility status in the forth coming elections, gubernatorial or presidential


know if you’re a bonafide citizen of Nigeria . If your eligibility status is not confirmed yet, then your right as a Nigerian is infringed on.

Any documentation done with the (supposed invalid) TVC or PVC will not be accepted in e.g banks and so on.


You as a citizen of Nigeria will have no right to change people in leadership positions as invalid TVC or PVC will turn you to a passive Nigerian.

Click  below to Start Application.


Here are the Most Popular Search from Nigerians:

and that’s all


How Do I Apply?

Per say, it’s not a fresh application. We belie that you must have applied for the voter’s card through any of the INEC registration centers nationwide.


If you have not, please do so now. Or ask how to go about that.

The change we all seek begins from you. And remember, without your voter’s card, you are a mere third-class citicen of Nigeria, who will only depend on the decisions of others.


Check your voter’s status

You can check your voter status by entering your details in the form on this page


Preferable to copy the URL above and paste on your browser’s address bar.


Or click here  to start applying online for the voters card






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You can also visit the Voter Verification Platform


You can check your voter status by entering your details in the form on this page.

You can also check your voter status by sending an SMS with your State, Last name, Voter Identification Number (VIN) to any of the numbers below

Format: State, Last name, VIN
Example: Kogi, Solomon, 10877

You should receive a response within 15 minutes.


Please note that:
– Text messages are charged at the local network rates.

Note: If you don’t have a voter’s card [I mean the PVC in your wallet, you do not have the right to utter any word against any government. And If you have not collected your National ID Card issued by NIMC, you can now check if your card is already dispatched for collection.

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Feel free to share this post. Let us do the right thing in 2019. Let us decide who seats back and preside over the affairs of this nation. Let us Vote with wisdom and love for Nigeria.

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