Alternative Ways to Cash Out Nigerian PayPal Funds (in Naira)

The truth is that PayPal accounts for Nigerians don’t still exist without some limitations. Literally, Nigerians are only allowed to send money via their PayPal account for online composition purposes.

And they are not allowed to receive fund into their PayPal accounts. But what this implied is that as a Nigerian, you can’t make withdrawal of the funds you have in your PayPal account.


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To be honest with you, this is a very frustrating limitation for those who have PayPal as their only method of receiving their rewards for online jobs.


But in this post, we will be exploring the smartest ways through which Nigerians could and can still receive money through their PayPal accounts and cash their money in Naira.


However, this method is not a new approach to making money online through paypal. Many Nigerians are already enjoying the processes.



How we used to make Withdrawal from PayPal


Just because PayPal couldn’t accept Nigerian residents from registering, that doesn’t mean that Nigerians who had residence or an address in a PayPal country could not make use of PayPal.


Paypal placed both IP and billing restrictions to Nigeria and so this means that no one could safely use Paypal with a Nigerian IP address or a Nigerian debit/credit card.


Infact, most Nigerians who used PayPal safely while in Nigeria could do so by making use of US billing addresses and a US VPN service. And that is the tweak that most online user business people did not understand.


If you had received some money into your PayPal account and wanted to withdraw them while you are in Nigeria or any other PayPal non-supported countries, this approach we used was the only option available to most.


And this Method Still Works

First of all, you had to get a US bank account and this is where Payoneer comes in.

Payoneer allows account holders to operate a sort of virtual US bank account and this is what their US payment service is all about.

When you have a Payoneer account, you’ll be able to activate a US bank account and then you’d be given a US account details which will contain your checking number and routing number. Those would be the detail you need whenever you want to receive payments into a US bank account.


I’ve been able make some withdrawal through my PayPal account right here in Nigeria using Payoneer’s MasterCard and the  goodness is that the money was finally cashed  in Naira.

What I did not love was the rates.


How you can Get a  Payoneer MasterCard


  • First of all apply for a Payoneer Mastercard if you have not got one yet
  • Wait and receive your card, activate it using a 4 digit PIN you should keep in memory

  • Initiate the US payment service

  • Log into Paypal and link your Payoneer US bank account to Paypal

  • Choose to withdraw to bank from PayPal

  • PayPal credits your account within 2 to 3 days

  • Payoneer informs you that your account has been credited

  • Withdraw from a local ATM in Nigeria using your Payoneer MasterCard and PIN



How to Link Your  Payoneer US bank account to PayPal


  • Log into PayPal and choose to add bank account
  • Enter the bank details contained in your Payoneer US payment service

  • Click to confirm


Wait for 2-3 working days for PayPal to credit your Payoneer account

Receive payment notification from Payoneer regarding your account

Withdraw from a local ATM in Nigeria using your Payoneer Debit Card

PayPal will send a little payment to your bank account. Usually, in the amount of 0.1 -1.25, but the amount varies depending on the type of account.

When received in your bank account, confirm the payments by returning to PayPal to enter the exact amounts.

Account is connected to Payoneer and you can receive payments to your U.S banking account


WARNING: You stand a risk of PayPal closing your account if you choose this method


New Development

Payoneer has stopped direct bank payment into Nigerian bank accounts. This is probably connected to the dollar exchange issues and the popularized economic recession in the country.

And what worsened the case, is that Skrill don’t even transfer to Nigerian domiciliary accounts. This is by far a serious problem for Nigerians doing online business. How can you describe working without the prospect of payment.


The Second Alternative

The limitations explained above made it almost impossible to find any suitable alternative to this great method of cashing PayPal funds in Naira.


But thank God for yet other Payment gateways


The name is Skrill and it is a formidable financial service provider that works like PayPal. Therefore, the new method being used by many Nigerians now is to register with Skrill.


With Skrill, it’s easy to send and receive money worldwide. There are many positive comments about them already among Nigerians.


So, do not let the PayPal limitations discourage you from making your naira through the web.

There is always a way out, but we have some latest developments that you’ll learn to observe.



The Latest Trend

You can do this with Skrill, the new transfer method is to move your funds to Skrill from PayPal and then ask Skrill to move your funds to your Domiciliary account here in Nigeria.

Or You can also obtain Skrill Master Card and use it to withdraw from local ATM.


To sign up with Skrill is easy, all you need is working email address; password and you are good to go.

Keep in mind that you can withdraw money directly from PayPal to Skrill.


The Big Summary

To be able to receive the money from PayPal in Nigeria in 2017 and beyond you need to do the following:

Open an account with Skrill

You can also sign up for Skrill Master card, just like Payoneer Mater Card

Link your PayPal account with Skrill account

Transfer the fund to your Skrill account or Skrill Master Card

Withdraw your fund from local ATM with Skrill Master Card


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