How to create A Free blog , with Illustrations

I was running an ad for one of my clients, but was marveled to learn that she needed special assistance in order to create her blog. This was due to the fact that she could not answer the basics questions, as she has almost lost her login details if not for Google’s wisdom.

That was not a nice experience at all. It never occurred to me that someone is still in need of such guides.

But if you still fall in her category, don’t worry, I will guide you through the whole practice, and trust me, you will need no other expert next time.

You can create a free blog, with any blogging platform, though I want to start with the most used in my locality-Nigeria.

Follow these simply steps:


  1. To begin, simply visit on your browser. But before this step, you must have created an email account with Google (that is Gmail) for instance Or learn more on how to create a Gmail account. Blogger is owned by Google, and so is Gmail and other products like YouTube and Google+

Note: You will make use of a single password for all the Google products. In other words, the email password will still be your blog password. And you are required to login with your Gmail login detail.



  1. Select ‘Create New Blog’ if there is no existing blog with that account. Though recently, one email address can even be associated with as many blogs as possible.



  1. Chose the name of the Blog/Blog Address


This is different from the URL of the blog (that is the web address of the blog). The name of the site is simply what name that will be displayed to your readers.

You will also chose the address of the blog. But this time, it will be included with already set domain. This is why the free blogger only offers a subdomain URL. (This means that any blog opened under this free platform will be attached with another name, BlogSpot). For example

  1. Customize the Look

Here, you may go straight to the ‘Layout’ and customize how you want your new blog to appear to your audience. You may continue this by selecting from blogger’s default templates, or downloading other free or purchased themes for your site.

After this routine, you are good to go. Then proceed to the main business of the blog.

There are still other features like ‘Earning’ that are still left untouched but there are no needs for them, as a beginner. For instance, your new blog must have been online for six month before AdSense approval.

  1. Publish your first Post

I know that at this point, you have already known what the site stands for, the content to be uploaded and whom to be channeled to. Make your first post and navigate to ‘compose’ to start blogging.

I hope you have seen how simple it is, to create new blog. If you followed these steps carefully, you may need no other technical guide to do anything on the blog, but if reverse is the case, feel free to contact me for help. See the comment section for more.

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