How To Create FirstBank FirstDom Account [Procedures]

FirstDom is a Domiciliary and foreign currency deposit account targeted at existing and potential domiciliary customers with balances $5,000.00 and above. It offers attractive interest rates and highly reduced transfer charges.


Features Of The Account


Minimum opening/operating balance of $5,000, €5,000 or £3,000

Account is operated with a specialized non-clearing cheque book

Foreign draft issuance allowed on the account



Guaranteed float income

Interest credit as high as 2% per annum

No charges on over-the-counter cash withdrawals

Transfer charges on account as low as 0.25% flat

Inter sol withdrawal allowed on account



Documents Needed

Duly completed FirstDom Plus Account Opening Form

Duly completed Specimen Signature card

Two recent passport photographs

Valid means of identification e.g. International Passport , Driver’s Licence or National I.D. Card (Original to be sighted)

Utility Bill, e.g. NEPA, NITEL Bill, etc




Next Stpe


To open an FirstDom Plus account,

Download the FirstDom Account Opening Form

Complete the form and submit at the nearest FirstBank branch


Frequently Asked Questions About FirstDom Plus


Is First Dom Plus the same thing as your Domiciliary Account?


No. They are two different accounts with different features and benefits.

How much do I need to open this account?


The minimum opening/operating balance for this account in 3 major currencies are: $5,000.00; €5, 000.00; £3, 000.00

What is the interest rate applicable on First Dom Plus Account?


Applicable interest rates are based on deposit buckets as follows:

$5,000 – $9,999 at 0.50% per annum

$10,000 – $49,999 at 0.75% per annum

$50,000 – $99,999 at 1.00% per annum

$100,000 – Above at 2.00% per annum

Can I migrate my existing domiciliary account to FirstDom Plus Account?


Yes you can, as long as you are able to increase your existing balance to the minimum opening balance.

Will I still retain my account number when I migrate to the FirstDom Plus Account?


Your account number will be changed because the two products are running on separate Scheme Codes and Scheme Types.

Who are eligible to open FirstDom Plus account?


Individuals and corporate organizations (both private and public limited liability).

How can I open this account?

Simply visit any FirstBank branch nearest to you.

Apart from the higher interest paid on this account, are there other benefits available when I open this account?

Any cash withdrawal on the account is free of charge.

Withdrawals from any FisrtBank branch are allowed.

Account holders with balances $30,000 and above pay ≤ 0.25% transfer charges.

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