How to Know if Your NIMC Card is Ready for Collection in Nigeria

This is for the new National National ID Card in Nigeria.

You can now check if yours is dispatched for collection in any area (precisely where you registered )


Please use this site to check if your NIMC Card is ready and has been dispatched to an Activation Centre The details MUST be as you spelt them during enrollment. Please check your NIN Slip


There is a simple technique to know whether your ID card is not ready to be collected from some locations in Nigeria.


Or maybe you just needed your ID card for some good reasons.

Don’t worry; it’s possible that the card is already produced but you don’t know how to get hold of it.


There is no huge stress involved with registering and obtaining your National Identity card.

These are the simple steps:

You need the Visit the official website for the IC card on the website I will show you below.

  1. Visit the websites here

At the site, you will notice the following alert:

Please use this site to check if your Card is ready and has been dispatched to an Activation Centre


The details MUST be as you spelt them during enrollment. Please check your NIN Slip.

Note: This is the news and only recognized ID card for Nigerians. And the Procedures below is only how to know if your own card is already dispatched for collection in your LGA Unit.


  1. Look carefully on your slip ( that which was given on the date of registration)


Click on the begin and upload the following information:


  1. Your name (the first and last name)
  2. The last Six Digits of your NIN


And there you have it. The NIMC Card will be displayed if it’s already dispatched for collection.


If your card is not ready. You will receive a massage saying:

How to Know If your NIN Card is ready



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