How to make Millions monthly, Farming in Nigeria

I know when farming is mentioned, people think it’s all about tilling the ground, cultivating and raising crops.  And honestly, that has kept many youths away from certain lucrative agricultural practices in Nigeria.


But after following these posts, your conception of farming will change, and you will learn cool ways of making lots of money with almost nothing.


Farming is quite lucrative, but there s a preconception that has lured so many away from understanding how they can raise their income status from the little space at their back yards.


But before we dig deeper into the posts I’ve already published on how tap into the lucrative agricultural practices n Nigeria, I want you to know certain secretes of farming in Nigeria:

  1. Farming is a business.

You can’t make the best out of farming in Nigeria, if you don’t take farming as a “business”. Many see the lucrative sector as one big dirty profession, but that has been our problem.


But there is a need to consider the fact that there are many commercial farmers that are wealthy, to a global recognition.


2. Farmers will always be needed 

What do you think about that?

Farming, no matter how poor it’s seen, will continue to be that mainstay of any economy.

I’m not talking about the Stomach infrastructure factor, but the truth is that there is always a higher demand of farm produce.

So, are you still thinking that Agriculture is a thing of the old?

Maybe you only eat processed foods.

But it’s also a fact that huge percentage of processed food are made using farm produce as raw materials.

  1. Nigerian population is increasing at alarming rate.

Now let’s deal with certain statistics.

Now it’s a record that Nigeria is the 10th biggest country in the whole world (with our population as over 172 million). Wow! We`re in a mighty country. But that`s not all, by the year 5050, Nigeria is projected to be the 3rd biggest country of the entire world.

Does this have anything to tell you?


What it tells me is that there is a need for more food.

And more food means more demand for Agricultural produce.

If you intend farming, you have the chance of being the savoir of your society.

4. Few people are farming

This why you have the chance to make the best out of it.

School has deceived us to believe in “good job” and that deception is so deadly that even when it`s so apparent that good job is no more, our universities are still brainwashing our youths to love job.

But the earlier you understand this, the better.

I believe you are now away; you now have reasons to go into farming.


But which farming practice do you think of embarrassing? Some are quite lucrative while many are not. But the best depends on your capital, your reason location and interest.

How to make Millions monthly, Farming in Nigeria

I made two posts that will help you learn how to go into lucrative farming businesses that will fetch you huge sums within the next five months.

But don’t forget to share the posts.

want you to  click here learn  5 Profitable Agricultural Businesses You Can Start In Nigeria


If you go ahead and start your little farm now, you will grow and become a successful farmer before most people wake up from their ignorance.

I want you to also read 4 Lucrative ways to start a farming business in Nigeria here

I hope these articles will help you start somewhere.

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