How to Earn a Living as a Bet9ja Agent in Nigeria with Just a Betting Shop

I almost started looking for shop somewhere in the east, when I heard how much my friend was making daily as a bet9ja agent, with just his betting shophop.


That was before a remembered how heavy my projects are, this year.



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But do you know that you can earn as much as 1 million (every month) from betting in your own shop?

Maybe you just need to understand the dynamics of this betting and how people make money therein, as bet9ja agents here in Nigeria.


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How to make money as a bet9ja agent in Nigeria



The Trend of Betting in Nigeria

Betting wasn’t the ideal business for many entrepreneurs, but today, people make millions of Naira on monthly basis as betting agents. However, bet9ja is the best betting platform for Nigerians.

It allows up to #50,000,000 (fifty million naira) instant staking, with other cool options that other indigenous betting platforms have not seen.


They were the first to implement the automated cash out options and remain the fastest betting site in Africa.


But this is not what I have to share here. I don’t want you to be a betting addict. I want you to make money from those that bet in your shop, here in Nigeria.



What you don’t know About Bet9ja

Bet9ja is just one out of so many betting platforms in Nigeria, but remains the king of kings.

And it might interest you to know that betting is one of the legal means of making cool money in Nigeria.

Anyone can make a forecast on the victory or loss of a team, a certain player and number of scored goals. You can even make predictions specifically for the first or second half of the game, and make tons of money if you are that lucky.


Why we Singled out Bet9ja

Betja operation is one of the most popular among people. They have a lot of branches you can visit at anytime. They also some relationship with other worldwide betting agencies. The terms of betting are quite profitable. The computer system and data are protected by reliable servers. A special encryption certificate is used.

This authenticated the winnings.

Theyare real and it’s not scammers who collect money for profit.

You can also test the free mode before switching to cash bets. Winnings are transferred to your bank account at any convenient time.

Players can easily withdraw their payments without delay. They can create an account directly on the Bet9ja website and use their own deposit fund.

A variety of payment methods is provided. Everyone chooses the one that they prefer. All operations are implemented instantly.

To add to this, users can place capital at a registered outlet under the supervision of a bet9ja agent.

But I think it’s time to talk about the real matter. You need to know how to make money as an agent and what you need to have.


How to Earn a Living as a Bet9ja Agent in Nigeria (by Opening a Betting Shop)

As an entrepreneur, bet9ja is positioned to help you turn your dreams into reality.


There are hundreds of outlets for this industry. The company offers a proven business model aimed at helping you get what you need.

Similar conditions can be obtained by becoming a Nairabet agent.

The first advantage is a strong brand

In Nigeria, it is difficult to find anyone who has never heard of Bet9ja. You do not need to introduce the firm to potential customers.

You find it easy to promote the brand which makes your job easier.


How to register as a Bet9ja Agent

The official website offers a fairly simple registration form.

How to Register as a bet9ja agent

The following items are required:

Provision of requested documents to administration;

Verification of submitted papers;

Personal conversation with the staff;

Approval of registration;

Conclusion of the contract;

Preparation of an outlet for you with the help of specialists;

Getting started.


Let’s study particulars of registration and beginning of work in Bet9ja

  1. modern and comfortable premises
  2. theoretical training; orientation on promotion of company services
  3. love of the sport
  4. a friendly atmosphere
  5. you should be able to maintain a pleasant conversation
  6. self-motivation and hard work
  7. interest in the agency success;
  8. Aspiration for self-improvement and increase of income.


If all these sound good to you, then you are ready to become an agent for 9jabet


How to manage a successful betting shop

If you want to earn a good profit from your Bet9ja agent percentage, it must meet 5 criteria:

The presence of at least 8 cashiers.

Think carefully about the area.

It must be densely populated and surrounded by commercial activity If it’s too close to another Bet9ja store, it can be distracting.


So choose a location wisely. Some equipment you’ll need are TVs, computers, notebooks. An uninterrupted connection to the Internet is important. Choose a reliable provider in your area.



Office Requirements to becoming a bet9ja Agent in Nigeria


To become a bet9ja agent you need to have the following requirement

  1. A personal computer or laptop with at-least 1 gig ram or above and must 2.0 processing speed or above (preferably duo core cpu)

2.You need to have a viewing center,sport bar or a office premise in a busy area

if you have or meet this basic requirement then you are qualified to be our agent

All other tools needed for the smooth operation of the business will be given to you for FREE ! (Printer,banner,internet connection and printing paper roll)

this is 2017, and I’m still predicting that this going to be one of the best businesses you can dare in 2018.

A lot of our agents are recording big profit every month since they took up the business with bet9ja and many more are yet to join.

This is a business that can help an entrepreneur earn up to #500,000 on monthly basis, without the need for business loans.

Now, it’s over to you.

What is your take on this post?

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