5 Ways to Make Money Blogging without Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a sure way of making money from your blogs, but the truth is that blogging is not all about Google AdSense.

Sadly, so many aspiring bloggers have given up; just because Google could not approve their blogs, or simply because they could not make much earning through the platform.


In this article, I will teach you cool ways you can make money from your blogs, without even blogging for Google. However, I’ve been a good earner of AdSense. You can also combine these tactics to make more money in 2018


Here are the few ways you can make money with your blogs, even without Google Adsense.


  1. Blog Administration

Show yourselves good bloggers, and other will hire you.

Many blog owners you don’t know need some good guys to keep their blogs running. They need admins who can help them create and share contents across millions of internet users.

Some need bloggers that can be posting to their blogs every month and get paid monthly. Some even go as far as paying cost per click on posts, or cost per post on their blogs.

It’s a great income stream for people that have taken blogging as their work.

And to do this; you only have to obey the simple rule-visibility

Go back to your timelines, blogs and other social media accounts, place the adverts and see many of them coming. If you’re truly what you think.



  1. Training Aspiring Blogger


I’ve been earning tirelessly from helping armatures and aspiring bloggers get positive results from their blogs.

Most bloggers are good teachers, and some of us utilize the zip.

Get paid teaching other how to blog.

You don’t even need a hall to teach other. With an active WhatsApp group, Facebook group or one-to-one communication, miracles can be seen.

You can start from your church, your village town hall or any classroom around you.

You can get them by advertise your training on social media networks and tell those interested to join you on WhatsApp for training. You get paid, train them for some weeks, get paid and keep reiterating the system.

Money is yours this year.



  1. Direct Sales

Blogging in improved means of building author, and leveraging creative contents for brand visibility.

Apart from selling eBooks, eCourses, blog themes via your blogs, there are myriads of other contents that can be sold through your blog.

All you need to do is, to identify the type of audience you have at your disposal.

It’s not compulsory they should be eBooks, courses or other content that you create. You can help other sell, to get paid through sales commissions.


Most recently, I’ve seen topnotch blogs being monetized with products from network marketing programs such as Oriflame, Forever living products, EasyBiz and so on.

As lover of networking business, I make use of my blogs inn promoting my links and getting many people to join my circle to make more money. If you are interested, you can contact me for more details on my latest networking businesses.


Creatively, you can use your blogs to sell products and services that are only available in your town, by asking your audience to order for delivery. For instance, we have pure and unadulterated palm oil in Nsukka, and I can deliver it across any location in Nigeria.




  1. Social Media Marketing

You don’t need to be told how to make effective use of social networks, as a blogger. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are breeding spaces for your targeted audience, and you are expected to maximize it.


Lots of business owners and organizations come to the internet, and  are willing to pay anyone that can help them promote their products, brand and services on social media.

Most busy ones will even pay if you can help them manage their social media accounts. There are lots of tools that can help you achieve this with ease.

Hence, you can offer to use your blog for the promotions as extra to marketing on social media. You can always check the jobs section at Linkedln for such offers.



  1. Paid Adverts/sponsored Posts


Have you been frustrated with Google’s approval on the Adsense?
You don’t need to worry at all. All you need it to build your blog in the most strategics means to attract the right clients to pay for spaces on your blogs.

There are many ways you can do this. You can get paid for guest posts on your blogs, or you accept ads to be displaced on your blogs; just the ways Google do.

As a WordPress user, there are lots of other plugins that can help you get this done in minutes.




If you have anything to add, feel free to leave a comment below.


I wish you the best!

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