3 Known Ways to Protect your Money while Banking Online

Do you keep yourself protected against Online Security threats? If the answer is NO, you need to consider these online banking security measures.

It’s one of the daily messages sent to me by one of my banks in Nigeria. And there is no need to make the information lengthy.



Do you Need Online Banking Security?

If you make bank transactions online, I want you to take this message very serious.
You need to do everthing possible to protect your money from looters, or forget internet banking
There is a serious rise in Cyber terrorism anywhere in the World. And this, is a clarion call upon all the digitized fellows out there. Online banking demands serious security measures. 


Here are some efficient security tips you might find quite useful;

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  1. Know the source of the communication:

Always place your mouse on the sender’s name and confirm that the email address displayed in the hint is the same as the sender’s name or the company being represented.
Also, check for spelling mistakes in the email address such asebusiness@yourbank.com being represented as ebusiness@yourbank.com


2. Do not give out too much:

Be careful about how much information you give out. No Bank Staff will ever ask you to disclose your Internet Banking Password, Mobile Banking Password/PINor Debit/Credit Card PIN over the phone, via SMS and by email.


3. Use passwords that are hard to guess:

Use a password that is a combination of upper and lowercase alphabetic characters, numbers, symbols and is at least 8 characters in length e.g.FCMB1983_myBank&i


If you have received fraudulent phone calls, text messages or emails, please send an email to your bank  or call their 24hour Contact Centre on the numbers they might provide.


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