How to Start Advertising on Yahoo-Comprehensive Procedures

It doesn’t really matter if you’re running an online store, there is a need to be known in your business niche. And no matter how great you are with optimizing your contents for earch engine or social media visibility, buying ads on the Internet must seem like a pretty obvious way to make your first sales.


And it’s very vital to note that online advertising has become too competitive in recent times, but that depends on your industry. That is why I said that whatever industry you are running, ads on the internet is an obvious way to create a turnaround in your business.

There is nothing you cannot achieve on your social media as a blogger. There is no limit to the number of visitors you can have right inside your blog every day. But the only limit placed against you is you inability to understand how search engine works. There are lost you can achieve by being search engine friendly, but there are myriad of search engine functions you only need to pay for. One of them is placing ads on social search engine. It has different names for different search engines, but they perform a primary function-take your business, blog, products and services to the right audience.
Are you a blogger? Or do you wish to broaden the horizon of your businesses on the internet?

Search engine Optimization is a key fact.

But in case you are not familiar with how it operates, I’ll be highlighting the simple procedure in this post. Pay rapt attention to the step, if you wish to convert your money to huge traffic.

How to Start Advertising on Yahoo-Comprehensive Steps involved

How to Get Started

Before getting started, here’s a look at some demographic data to give you insight into what people are searching for on the Yahoo! Bing network.

Now the Yahoo! Bing Network make it pretty easy for you to get going because they want your money. However, we have provided some steps to help you get the most out of your advertising dollars:

Step 1 – Signing Up

To sign up for the Yahoo! Bing Network, go to this link . You’re going to need to have a credit card on hand. You might want to do a quick Google search for some “Bing Advertising” or “Yahoo Advertising” starter credit first. Sometimes your web hosting company will have provided you with a discount code or coupon that you might still have access to.

Step 2 – Choosing Keywords

The first thing you’re most likely going to do is come up with a list of hundreds of keywords that you want to bid on. We don’t suggest doing this for your first time out. Instead, pick about 5 keywords that reflect the most popular products you sell, and also pick 5 keywords for more obscure items.

For example, let’s say you sell iPhone cases. You might sort your list like so:

Popular Keywords and Phrases:

  1. Pink Hello Kitty iPhone Case
  2. Pink iPhone Case
  3. Strong iPhone Case
  4. Unbreakable iPhone Case
  5. Scratch-Proof iPhone Case

Obscure Keywords and Phrases:

  1. Otter Box iPhone Case
  2. Otter Box
  3. Banana iPhone Case
  4. Mr. Potato Head iPhone Case
  5. iFoam Case

The reasons we think it’s a good idea to make these two types of groups are:

  • It will keep your introductory campaign manageable. Too many keywords the first time out will most likely cause you to throw in the towel early. Costs can run up and meager returns will probably be the result.
  • You can see what works for you better:  A) highly competitive keywords that yield lots of clicks (which are more expensive, but produce more sales). Or  B) Less volume, but highly specific clicks that might produce better ROI.
  • Testing and analyzing different advertisements later on is much easier when you are only dealing with ten keywords.

Step 3 – Creating Your Ads

A common mistake is to make one generic ad to serve all your keywords. Instead make specific ads for each keyword you are going to bid on. In general, the more specific your ad is to the searcher’s intention, the higher the click-through rate will be.

There are some important things to remember when crafting your headline and copy:

  • Your headline (the first line of the ad), should include the keyword you’re bidding on. This generally converts visitors into customers much better because it matches the searcher’s intention.
  • For your ad copy you might want to consider your unique selling proposition or see what the other advertisers are not saying. You might be able to attract clicks because of what they are lacking.

Step 4 – Choosing Where You Want to Send Them

Most people the first time out will send their CPC traffic to the home page of their website. As an online merchant, we recommend you send them directly to the product page related to the keyword they searched for.

Let’s use the “Pink Hello Kitty iPhone Case” as an example. Instead of sending them to you should send them to: The purpose of doing this is that the less clicks it takes the person to arrive at a purchase point, the higher your website conversion rate will be.

You can specify where you want your CPC visitors to go by pasting the URL of your choice into the “destination URL” field.

Step 5 – Test

Testing can be fairly tough for people who are not too analytical and nerdy. If you can figure it out, we highly recommend that you implement conversion tracking (sometimes referred to as goal tracking). Basically, this means every time someone from a Yahoo! Bing advertisement purchases a product from your website, Yahoo! Bing is attributed with that sale. This is how you accurately measure your ROI.

Conversion tracking also allows you to know what keywords make the most sales, which ads drive the most customers, what products people like the most…the list goes on. Conversion tracking completes this knowledge circuit so you can hone your campaigns and can earn more profit.

If you have the ability to paste in HTML code on your “Thank You” page, the page customer go to after they complete a sale, then you can implement conversion tracking.

A Final Important Word of Advice

CPC advertising requires your full attention. Most serious online businesses are running ads 24/7 – 365 days a year (and 366 on leap years). So you need to login to your account at least once a day to monitor the progress of your campaign. If you’re the type of person that “sets it and forgets it”, then you’re going to be in for quite a surprise.

But it’s worth it, CPC advertising will sharpen your business chops and make you that numbers person that you were meant to be. It will force you to be analytical about how your business works and will ignite new ideas for you to test and try out until you get in front of the right person for that first sale and then grow exponentially from there.


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