How To Start Blogging With Cheapest Hosting Plan

At times we totally forget the powers we command until we’re reminded. We forget how vulnerable people are in the face of our statements. This makes it very hard to effectively tell others how we can help them (even though they are in need)

Yesterday, I made a post to a group that informed intending bloggers how cheap their self-hosted blogs could be; and how fast I can help them host their dream blogs. I didn’t make much technical explanations but to my greatest surprise, but only shared hints on how I will help them grow their blogs in my own little way(s)

To my greatest surprise, many turned out to be automatic clients. Some never knew me in person but I’ve hosted about 5 blogs in the past 3 days. This shows how effective the social media could be in showcasing our talents, skills and knowledge in our respective fields.

And a strong reason why I recommend social media as a tool for personal and commercial marketing. If you don’t know how to grow your business, feel free to as Emmenike Emmanuel. But for the little I know about this, internet is such a global villages that no man can dispute.

Meanwhile, if you still need your blog hosted and watched by seasoned bloggers, feel free to contact me for your quick start. It doesn’t cost much to startup and own a blog under your preferred domain.

Blogging, just like other business requires great insight, but it pays to be one…


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Valentine Nnanyere has strong passion for blogging. He's an internet marketer and a pro web developer.

He's the founder at Jobreaders Nigeria and the lead coach at the #WebFactory

As a a tech enthusiast and social media ,he will help your business, ideologies and self, get more visible on the internet.

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