How to Watch free TV channels online using your Andorid Phone

Watch Movies/TV Channels free with just your Android phones, laptops or desktops with these simple procedures that we’re about to see


How do I get to that?

With just an Android App  (MobiTV), your favorite TV channels will be delivered on your phone without delays.

Aren’t you happy for this?


Maybe you are not. But after ready this post, you will surely be happy for one thing. And that is the fact that you’l learn how to watch your favorite Television programs on your Smart Phones .


And the amazing fact is that it’s completely free and i must say that this is good news to those who has been looking for a way to watch free TV Channels online using their android phones or computers because this time i will show you how to watch all your favorite TV channels online and ranging from News Channels, Sports Channels, Movie Channels etc.


With MobiTV Android app you can watch live TV channels on your Android phone or computer and am about to tell you how it works so that you can watch all your favorite TV channels online for free but i will start by tell you the requirements


It’s true that you can watch your live TV channels online for free but before that you need to put the following in place before you can watch Live TV channels online.


1. Unlimited Data subscription:

Watching free Live TV channels online means streaming and it consumes lots of internet subscription data, that is why you need unlimited data subscription so that you will not be interrupted.

2. An Android phone or computer:

As i said earlier MobiTV is an Android Live TV App that only works on Android phone and also works on computer with the help of [Android Bluestacks, an android app player]

If you are ready then lets proceed to the next step how you can watch live TV channels online for free.

How to watch live TV Channels using your Android phone:

To watch live TV Channels online for free using Android phone, first you need to download the MobiTV app and then install it, after installing it, open it and select among the options











Select any of the option above and scroll through to any of your desired channels and enjoy.

To watch live TV channels online on Computer you need to first install Bluestacks App and after downloading and installing it then download MobiTV app and open it with the installed Bluestacks app and follow the same step as explained above.

You can see screenshot above and you will understand that i can now watch even live matches online using the MobiTV app on my Computer.



How to Download the App

You can downloaded the 2 required app below:

MobiTV app
Bluestacks App Player


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