How to withdraw using a paycode at the ATM-without ATM card

If you have ever traveled to a distant city leaving your credit card at home, you’ll understand how frustrating it could be to be in such dilemma. Nothing is as embarrassing as being converted into an emergency street beggar, just for leaving something behind.

But of a truth, such can happen to anyone, but instead of being terrified on how you can pay the bill, simply pay attention to this post.

With Paycode, you can easily withdraw your money at any ATM machine, even without your ATM card in your pocket.


One thing you need is your Bank’s ATM USSD.


How to get your Bank USSD to withdraw cash without ATM card

Don’t know your Bank’s USSD code? Check here

Your Bank is not on the List? No problem, just Dial 3228*Amount#


Now How do you get Your cash?

Here is procedure:

You don’t need any ATM card. All you need is the code, generated for transaction.

You can also generate a Paycode using the Verve World App… Download App here

Applications you may need here:

Without the Bank USSD, there are apps you can use to generate the pay code for your Bank  and card type.

Download the App for  iPhone

Download for Android

Download for Blackberry

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