Practical Guides To Writing Viral Blog Posts that Everyone will Share

In other words, this post will teach you how to write an influencial blog post that will go viral on the internet.

And because it is a practical guide, I want to gone without wasting much of your time. But believe me, if you can observe all this, your blog ranking will take a skyrocketing move.


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Practical Guides To Writing Viral Blog Posts that Everyone will Share

I promised to get practical. Please activate your practical blogging mind now:


#1. Readability of a Blog Post


I know you want your blog to be listed as one of the best in your niche. And possibly gain the heart of your readers.

But there are other facts to make mention of.

Every blog post you make must be readable.



Here is the Piratical Approach to writing a Readable Blog Posts 

You blog post must contain  least one subheading

It’s not an advice. It’s a blogging rule. And will help make your contents user-friendly.


To get a good  SEO score, the sentences contained shouldn’t be totally passive voice, and should not be  more than the recommended maximum of 10%. Try to use their active counterparts-this was suggested by Yoast


Another key readability factor; Try to make shorter sentences to improve readability.

And don’t forget, to make an SEO friendly post, you need to come up with shorter paragraphs.


However, the blog post  should contain a good number of c transition words or phrase.


#2.  The Keyword of the Blog Post 


Make sure that every post contain at least an outbound link and also some normal outbound link.

And permit me to assume that you are fully aware of the meaning of those links.


Also ensure that the post contain no internal link(s) and  at least a few number of  good normal internal link(s).


In order to rank well on the search Engines the focus keyword must appear in the first paragraph of the copy.


You should also consider the keyword density. A good blog post must contain up to 2.4% of the keyword density.


In other words, to make a great blog post, the focus keyword was found 17 times.


#3. The Meta Description of the Blog Post

The Meta description contains the focus keyword. This is seen in most SEO plugins. The Meta description is, sometimes, automatically taken from the first paragraph of the blog post in the absence of SEO plugins.

So learn how to craft the first paragraph of your blog post, to contain the focus keywords.


The length of the Meta description should be sufficient and must not exceed one hundred and fifty words.


#4. The Images in the Blog Post

The images on this page should contain alt attributes with the focus keyword.

This means that the focus keyword of the post should be contained in the alt text of the featured image or any other image associated with the blog post.



#5. The Length of the Blog Post

The text or the length of the must contain 350 to any number of words you might love to. This should be more than or equal to the recommended minimum of 300 words.


The higher the number of words, the greater your chances of being ranked by the search engine.


#6. The Blog Post Titling 

The SEO title has must have a nice length. Some go from 8-13 Words and that is just the perfect prescription for posts that will be crawled without haste.

Another important hack about the SEO titling is the choice of punctuation and capitalization.

The use Microsoft word while typing your blog posts will be an aid to this insight. But you might love to add your questions on the comment areas.



Note: About the focus Keywords; you are recommended to make use of different focus Keywords for certain other post. Avoid making the same mistake. Don’t use the same focus keyword for all the blog posts you make.


My Own Blogging Experience 

Apart from keeping it right with SEO, and being in the right place with the nature of contents there is a need for audience. You need to know your audience by their needs and timing.

Even search Engines, like Google,  place URl in the order of importance. And indexes based on the information made available by their crawlers.

These come from how often the page it hit with unique visitors looking for the same bundle of information.

So, SEO is one good side of placing your blog visibility very high. But the nature of content is another important thing to consider.
But above all, to write a viral blog post, it must be something that concern the people.


The Nature of the Blog Post

Last week, I wrote a blog post that gained about  thousand shares on Facebook, without being promotes in any page. What this means is that some blog posts automatically gains advocates.

Such Blog posts are :

#1. Controversial Blog posts

#2. Solution-based Blog

#3. Public Warnings

So, while preparing any blog post, think like the reader. If you were to be the reader, would you share the post?

People share posts that have something to teach others. And I wan you to get the tips.

Write about solutions to their problems and they will be glad to read and share it.



There might be other ways to write a good blog posts that will help your posts go viral. That is why I started with the practical approached.
But in order to get your content to populated web, try paid ads when you are done with these hacks of the SEO.



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