How to Use Social Media Effectively to Boost Sales

You can boost your sales through the social media and raise your ability to make money online for your brand, through theses effective mechanisms.

And this, irrespective of your industry, your work, products and services, these techniques remain more effective than most of our traditional industries and marketplaces.

There is a shift in the marketplace:

However, it’s possible that you’ve not started selling your products or skills through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram (the popular ones in Africa).

But I’m pretty sure you’ve made use of any of these, in trying to either share an ideas or market a product on the internet.

Of course, Facebook is one of the most popular social networks bragging of over 40,000,000 active users on daily basis. And we make use of it a lot.

The Most Effective Marketplace

The result below was culled from June, 2003(just image the statistics today): and of course, ranked one of the most effective marketplace of our time.

The Number of people that make use of facebook as a social media on daily basis


Do you Really Need This Post?

It’s quite annoying to make a post or share links on your timeline only to see nobody talking about it, or even clicking like on it.

Isn’t that annoying to you?


But you can go by some of these known rules and increase your conversions through rich online presence to increase your chances of directly connecting to your audience.


You might be asking ‘Even when I have over one thousand friends my your timeline, I still don’t get much sales’

You need to remember that your list only comprised of your family members, friends and perhaps, some old-school mates, who might not be the right audience for the products you offer.


However, I don’t suggest you delete or unfriend those in order to build the right number of followers and increase sales through the social media, but there are few hacks to get thing rights.


You can boost your sales and make much money selling your products on social media when you understand the dynamics of social media.

And that’s why you need to read through


How to Increase Conversion and Increase Sales on Social Media

Social media is the new market place for bloggers, social media marketers, teacher, and every vocation.

So there is a need for everyone to embrace the ideas of increasing conversions and making more money through social media.

Perhaps, some users of some of the social media believe that the need for proper SEO hacks will do them every needed favour in boosting their online visibility.

But I’ll rather opt in for the good social media usage, where there are billions of potential customers looking for solutions to their problems, every day.


How can you actually make more sales using the social media?

However, although there are many ways to boost sales through the wonders of social media, not every one is right for your business

Learn to know where and when to apply some of these tactics to boost sales online:


#1. Choose your Preferred Channel

The social media, without doubt,  is the global village but it’s a mistake most armature social media marketers make on the internet.

They try to publish their products and services across any means they dim fit on the social networks.

To successfully sell your products and service online, you need to find a good means of engaging your prospects


Just imagine the ads below:

Learn How to Make Social media Ads matter to your niche

On a small Facebook group which is meant for the village meeting, and mostly comprise of grandfathers who are above seventy.

Do you think anyone will bother clicking on the link?

But if the same post should land on a group of newbie blogger and social media marketers who are seeking traffic to their blog,  and looking for means to increase sales, it will definitely sell.

This is when choosing the right channel plays a big role.

Be mindful of where your posts land.


This will, of course, prevent you from running a disruptive advertisement anytime on the social media.

So, to make the best out of your social media timeline such a Facebook, twitter, Instagram and Linked, you need to filter you audience group,  pages and handles , and be active enough to be noticed.


#2. Apply Flashy Mechanism

This is a great way to increase sales on several social media platforms. It gives rise to a sense of urgency.

You’ll get this right by offering special price, and in a short period of time.
You might start by announcing that there is going to be a flashy sale in some days say one week (across some social media platform) but I suggest you keep the date a surprise.

You will create another sense of curiosity that will keep many waiting for the new born.

People will continuously check your feed time and time again, only to know if the auction is now.


It’s also an awesome way of driving amazing traffic to your sites.

Just get prepared for the unseen.


#3. Be Industry Related

Where do you make your posts?

The answer will probably be on your timeline, your social media pages or groups on Facebook. But there might be something wrong.

The list of your personal groups and timeline might comprise merely of your family and friends, who may not be the right choice of audience you need to market your products.

In order to increase sales, either for your personal blog, from a company you’re earning from or your own personal products and skill, you need to target the groups with good number of potential audience.

And instead of creating groups and building it from the scratch, you may become active in a popular groups and share insight based on the kind of services or products you intend selling on the social media. Send friendship request and accept as many as possible, from interest in the niche.


#4. Build Relationships

A tree doesn’t make a good forest

You need to know more people serving the same number of audience like you, and try as much as possible to know what’s new in the niche.

The internet is yet to be saturated, therefore, you must not compete with your networks in order to make the best out of social media.


#5. Run Ads

There are different ways to run ads on different social media networks.

Placing advertisements across social media platforms is simply a ways of compelling more audience into buying customers, with just little tokes.

In order to increase your sales through the social media, you might consider placing ads on Facebook, Instagram through Facebook, Twitter Facebook Massager Bots, groups and Social Media pages.


#6. Use Pictures

Based on certain social media algorithms and peoples’ tendency to believe more of what they see, I encourage you add pictures to the texts you’ve been sharing on the social networks.


This is because, you’re more likely to get a response to something on Facebook when you post an image along with your words.


Encourage your friend, followers and group members to like and share your posts.

And as a matter of fact, Facebook just implemented a new algorithm that will repost a link each time someone comments on it.


What this means is more exposure for your brand any extra “likes” you can get for a status leads to more people seeing it on their friends’ feeds, understand that when you include photos of your products with every promotion you post, you stand more chances of getting in.





Last Words

Direct selling via social media is becoming more important, and could be an opportunity for small businesses

There are many ways to get more social media users to buy your products on the internet; and apart from placing ads on Gates and handles, the other great means of converting leads is by remaining relevance in your niche and knowing your audience.

If you know your audience, and be on time selling one thing over and over again, there are chances that you will be known for a brand on the particular social media and also a sure ways of winning your competitions

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