Blogging for Money: 3 Killer-Ways to Increase Your Ad CTR

Blogging for Money: 3 Killer-Ways to Increase Your Ad CTR

So on your way to the dunning you spilt red oil on your new pant? And it didn’t even leave your white shoes.

You probably missed the bus, on your way to school? Oh, and now your ad click-through rate are lower than bride prices in Nigeria. Charlie, it’s just not your happy day

This is why an author on Word stream argued that going about CTR is like a bug in the code. The moment it’s notice, an expert rejoices. Just because, a problem known is a problem half-solved.



Life is indeed too tough. But the good news is that dealing with your low CTR should add to the day’s burden. The solution is right in your face, and I’m pretty sure you can now deal with it.

There is no doubt that CTR is a very lucrative side of keyword strategies in blogging for money, and while placing ads.

This includes increased site traffic, which might entail increased conversion, increased quality scores( we know that CTR is one vital factor that affect quality score), and reduced cost per click(which implies that the higher your quality score, the less you pay) and of course, improving your click-through rate has a long tail benefit for your blogging career.

In this post, I just highlighted few tricks that will make your CTR a booted edge.

#1. Add a hook on Your Headline

Place special offers on your headline to stop reversing your promotion for the second line or first of your promotion text. Start making them look right on your headlines.

How does this work?

There is no need to argue about that. And I’ll explain below:

The reason why this works is that the headline is the first and only thing many searcher read. Additional reason includes the universal fact that nobody hates discount.

This is because everyone want to save money, and anything free light up the human brain, and the number in the headline always tend to perform some sorts of magic.


#2. Put the main Keyword in the Display URL

This is the easiest tool that boost CTR, but amazingly, it is underutilized.

The display URL is part of the main ad text, and should be made use if. But most advertisers ignore to make use of them. Sometime it’s left blank. At time, you’re limited with character text/length on each line, and not taking advantage of your display URL is one of the demerits of poor ad knowledge.

Consider these two ad competitions:

Which one, in your mind, take the best advantage of their display URL? It favour the first ad. When you search with the right keyword (Yoga Classes in Boston), you’ll be greeted with the first ad that took advantage of the search query in both the headline and the again in the URL. The second ad, as you can seem, is much more general and doesn’t include any of the Keywords in the display URL

I hereby give you an assignment on the web search and analyze as many ads (possible Google AdWords). You will notice that out of so many ads placed, only a few will utilize the Keywords at the display URL. Blogging for profits requires ads at some point, and when you fail to place the right ads, your CTR will be jeopardized and if that happens, your earning will be rubbed.


#3. Add dot or Period at the End of any Description Line

This is another means of fixing CTR decay in blogging and placing ads. It assure a higher CTR at all time and has not failed anyone.

But someone might ask ‘what’s the point of adding a period at the end of a description line’

Aright let me explain;

You know most ads have exactly 25 character in their headline (of your ad text) while you are allowed to only enter 35 character on your description text. Adding a period (.) to the end of your first description line automatically adds that line into the headline when your ads appear in the top spots on the SERP.

You must be smiling now. And I love the way you smile.

I know you might also be confused now; just as I was confused when I first saw it on my source, but the screen shot below will lessen the burden on you:


This works like magic, and rapidly improves CTR for several reasons.

The major reason being that, as we discussed previously, the headline is the first and sometimes the only part of an ad that the searcher reads. This tips must be a proven guide. It has been in use since I first read it on a blog, and I believe that applying same laws will help you maximize your ads.

Now, you’ve heard me. Stop complaining of the spiled oil. Apply this cure to smile again while your ads run for maximum profit.


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