This Little Wireless Gadget That Turns Your iPhone into a Recording Studio

This Little Wireless Gadget Turns Your iPhone Into A DIY Recording Studio-It must not be bigger to be creative. This is for musicians from all genres; both casual and pro, such complexity—sophisticated software, plug-ins, cables, audio interfaces, and microphones-the little Spire Studio is a new mobile recording gadget from iZotope, a Massachusetts-based company that has made music recording software and hardware for the last 16 years.

Spire Studio that can turn your home into a studio

Spire Studio that can turn your home into a studio: [Photo: courtesy of iZotope]


High-quality built-in microphone

With a cylindrical device connects to your iPhone via Wi-Fi to enable simplified, portable multi-track recording into the Spire Studio iOS app

This little device has the capacity of capturing songs and ideas with the help of a gizmo with the smallest size you never imagined.


“When we look at the future of what music recording looks like, it’s going to be wireless,” says iZotope product marketing manager Colin Thurmond. “The world is going wireless and things need to be really simple and accessible and fun.


And on my own verdict is that more of this device should flood the market. At least for the more serious songwriters and musicians all over the world.

With the Spire Studio it’s pretty ultra-easy to record a decent-sounding, multi-layered demo of a song on the go. For beginners, there is no limit it can pose to multi-track recording, and the possibility of layering one instrument on top of the other, in in a more digital form.


And the most amazing fact is that the tracks can be exported to other common audio programs like Pro Tools or Logic, where they can be edited and rearranged with all the granularity and sophistication those desktop programs allow. The Spire Studio is more about capturing ideas quickly and easily from any location (provided it’s not too noisy).


If the $350 Spire Studio recording hub has one major advantage, it’s the microphone and onboard audio-processing software.

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