7 Sure Ways you can Make Blogging and Writing in Nigeria

It’s no longer a valid argument as to whether blogging or writing pays in Nigeria.

The right questions now are the right ways to make the money through blogging or writing.

Someone may confuse blogging with writing. But for the fact that the details are not in alignment with the scope of this post, I will share the tip on how to make money from your ability to write.

But making extra cash from your passion to write could be a strong reason you seek to continue.


Bloggers, social media managers, book authors, and other creative writers are entitled to making lots of money from what they share.


As a blogger, if you truly intend to earn a living out of your passion, pay absolute attention to these tips.


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Over the years, my experience and other instances have taught me serious lessons everyone must understand if we truly care to make some money from our passions to write, as bloggers.


There were many things I was either not told or simply misinformed on. But in this post, I will try as much as possible to highlight possible ways to blog or write for money.



Have you been writing and thinking about how to make money from it? Or maybe you’ve been blogging without much rewards therein?  You don’t need to worry about.



You are about to learn the secret of most influencing bloggers and how they got to where they are. But before we make more points, theirs is a need to understand the power of consistency. Rome was not built in a day, and so must you never expect your blog to rank the best in just one month. You need time to start making a lot of money from your blog.



There are many ways to make money from blogging or writing in other platforms, but there is a general principle that applied to influences on the social media. [A gateway to your blog]; and they are:


  1. Your Relevance

You must write on what your audience need.

This is the first thing every blogger of social media influencer must think of. Your articles or posts must be in alignment with trends.

Are you writing for money or writing to help?

You must not write because you love the topic, but because they need to read it. Your audience is your number one priority.

So if you want to keep your relevance as a blogger, try to understand the products they are willing to consume.


  1. Your timing

You need to be seen. For the sake of the SEO, and consumers’ sake, you need to be on time. Make, at least, 60% of all your blog post get online before others’. This will help the search engine ranking and the trust of your readers


Writing to help must come in time of need


  1. Your Earning strategies

Google AdSense is not the only means of earning from your blogs.

This is why you must make larger strategies on how to monetize your blog. Like I’ve also shared, there are many other means of making money from your blog.


This will help you focus on your content and users’ satisfaction.


Blogging is not the only freelance opportunity for passionate writers. But one of the best.

As a writer, one can earn from selling cheaper eBooks (in case the cost of publication is the case), creating profiles for companies, and managing business or personal social media accounts. It depends on your marketability.







  1. Your deal with other Bloggers/Writers

You can’t do it alone.

Unless you have a lot of money.

To get your posts seen, there may be a need for several social media boosting and other forms of online campaign. This might require some money, and as newbies the best alternative is to get help from other media influencers. They will help promote your blog and her contents.


  1. Your Elasticity

Never give up!

It does not make sense at first.

When I started my first blog, there was no earning source. Though, to make money was my intention, but I had to stick to a working plan, good work and now a means of income. You can also do that. Consistency is a hammer that unlock impossibilities. Keep trying to be notice; with a good content. To a point, your platform will be so built that you may not even need other any other form of advertisement.


  1. Do you consult others?

There are people here before you. They must have invested time and energy in acquiring the knowledge they utilize in influencing their readers and other bloggers. Asking for help is never a sign of weakness. I also need help, but if you feel I can be of help, do well to contact me.


  1. Your Others sources

You may need to pay for certain things online. To stay relevant in this field, you need some cash to spark up your desires to influence others to action.



Getting another source of income [like part-time job] will pay some bills that will lift the image of the blog or your writing skills.

Here are areas that may involve financial demands:

  1. Page/post boosting
  2. Other online campaign
  3. Advertising your skills and sale
  4. Paying influencers/other bloggers
  5. And hiring other experts

There are many other ways to go about these, but with money that will be pretty sure for you.



This was not in any way meant to be a comprehensive guide to making money as a writer, but a sure guide that can lead you to your earning satisfactions.

Feel free to visit the links attached to my explanations above, to help you get more insight on how to make money as a blogger or a passionate writer. But if you have a question or contribution to make, feel free to use the comment box below, or simply contact me for more.



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