How to Make Money by just Opening Alat Digital Account with Wema Bank


How to Make Money by just Opening Alat Digital Account with Wema Bank-and we’ve decided to add it to the list of our work from home approached to making money online.


How about that?


With Wema Bank-Banking is experiencing a mega shift, as Wema Bank introduces the first fully digital Banking in Nigeria.



And the beautiful things is that it will help you save some bucks for the season.


It should be noted that Nigerian Banks only provided customers with Mobile Banking, which still required going through your bank and queuing up for so long to get an ATM, open up an account and get few things activated.


Now there is a shift and it’s obvious with this fully powered digital banking.


With this new Alat account by Wema, your virtual card will be shipped to your doorstep within 2 working days.


The pages of history will surely bear this innovative idea a witness, and should also be a reason that you grab some of the offers now-they may not last forever.


Alat digital account is the first of its kind in Nigeria and we must be proud of the inventors forever.


We no longer need to queue up in the bank to get some things done; get ATM cards, open bank account, link our BVN or even beg some other experts to help us with online transactions; locally and internationally.


More about Alat account By Wema bank

Alat is a fully power digital banking service powered by Wema bank Nigeria. It is purely digital and does not require any form of paper work. It allows you all banking transactions without being seen in the bank.


Alat Digital also allow you open free account, and a functional savings plan to serve posterity.

With just your BVN, Phone number and other personal details, your Alat account will be ready in just 5 minutes.



How to Make Money from Alat Digital Account by Wema

There are two ways to make money from Alat digital account and the second one is more preferable. Just pay rap attention as I make that easy for you. I want you to follow the simple steps involved:

#1. First Approach

Download the Alat App and Sign Up for the Account

Download Alat application, sign up for the account with just N500 (five hundred Naira) and you are good to go.

Start in inviting friends to earn from their referral bonuses.

For every person you invite, you will be awarded with Five Hundred  Naira.

In other words, you have nothing to lose by opening the alat account.

And when you invite up to the first 10 people, you will be paid Ten thousand Naira. With the extra  5000 you’ve earned from  the referral bonus-this will serve as another milestone.


#2. The Second Approach

I know you may not have to go through the stress of inviting friends to join. You can do it the other way round.

Just invest N5, 000 so you can talk to your friends and family about the digital banking and let them know you can sign them up and still pay for them. Once they are activated, you will be credited with N10, 000



Don’t forget my referral Code: G67NJF



I recommend activating your account first with N5, 00 before inviting friends to get referral bonus.

Click here to get stated with Alat.

Note: Copy the Referral code above. You’ll need it when you get there.



Right there, you will need to download the Digital Alat app and ensure you enter your details, as they appeared on your valid means of identification.




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